Pass Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam: Real AD0-E328 Dumps Questions and Answers

Pass Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam: Real AD0-E328 Dumps Questions and Answers

Earning the Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Campaign Classic Architect certification needs to pass the AD0-E328 exam. This exam is rigorously developed and professionally administered in order to provide a highly respected Adobe technical credential. ITPrepare provides an overview of the AD0-E328 exam and will help you understand the exam objectives, study materials, and the best way to prepare and pass the exam using real AD0-E328 dumps questions and answers. We make sure that you are fully prepared for success with the real AD0-E328 exam dumps.

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1. A customer has the below requirements to handle un-subscriptions:

*Make the feature available for Push and Email channels

*Send a confirmation message to the recipient of the opt-out

*Be able to store subscription history

Which solution should be used?

2. A company currently manages their Adobe Campaign users via Active Directory (LDAP).

In the future, they will be required to utilize a TLS 1.0 provider that the currently use to authenticate users on other platforms.

What is the risks this approach?

3. A client requests a link from the recipient to their last transaction. The client only needs to see the link from the recipient to the last transaction and wants to ensure the reverse link is not visible from the transaction table.

Only the insurance business unit needs to have visibility.

Which option should the Architect implement?





4. A technical Architect is setting up the data model for a new Adobe Campaign implementation.

The customer wants to set up personalized birthday campaign and has the following fields in the source database table.

* First_Name

* Age

* Social_Security

* Upload_Data

* DateOyBirth

Which two fields should be included in Campaign data mode? (Choose two.)

5. A multi-national customer has Adobe Campaign users working in different geographic locations. They want to ensure that operations in each country can only work with recipients with physical addresses based in their region.

Which solution should be used?

6. A client has a hybrid hosting model and is trying to send a request from a workflow to a third-party API. When sending the request. Adobe Campaign does not receive a response.

What is causing this issue?

7. A customer needs help to optimize a workflow that automatically exports tracking records campaigns sent during the day.

The workflow has a scheduler that runs every 6 hours and reads tracking logs created current date minus 6 hours. During data validation, the customer notices that records are missing with this approach.

Which two recommendations should the Architect make? (Choose two.)

8. A retail company receives Adobe Analytics Insights about customer productcomplaints.

They want to execute a Windback campaign to these customers in within 1 hour of the customer’s web session.

What should the Architect recommend?

9. A customer reports that the campaign workflows are not running. When restarting or starting workflows the status changes to as Start/Restart requested and the Start. Pause buttons are disabled.

The Architect notices that all process are running as expected in the Monitoring Tab.

What is causing the issue?

10. A customer is migrating its legacy marketing platform with Adobe Campaign.

The customer has dependencies on a few significant custom database functions that enabled specific string manipulations and custom encryption.

While developing workflow, the team struggle to match these functions that the customer was able to use prior to Adobe Campaign.

What should the Architect recommend?


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