Adobe Commerce Developer Expert AD0-E709 Dumps Questions [2022] Released

Adobe Commerce Developer Expert AD0-E709 Dumps Questions [2022] Released

Try ITPrepare now, we have released AD0-E709 dumps questions [2022] to help you prepare for Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certification exam well. Real Adobe AD0-E709 exam contains 50 questions, which can be answered in 120 minutes. The newest Adobe certification AD0-E709 exam dumps with the accurate questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Adobe Commerce Developer Expert exam in the first attempt.

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1. You see this code in etc/adminhtml/routes.xml:

<route id="mymodule" frontName="user-subscriptions">

<module name="MyCompany_MyModule" />

</route> You have placed a controller in Controller/Index/Subscribe.php.

If you want to create layout XML instructions for this controller, what would be the layout XML's filename?

2. An Adobe Commerce developer is asked to implement a 15% surcharge for all users from a Wholesale' customer group.

Keeping best practices in mind, what is a correct way to accomplish this?

3. An Adobe Commerce Developer has created a new custom block extending MagentoFrameworkviewElementAbstractBlock and has set the cache_lifetime data property for the block so that the output gets cached.

The block is inserted into the sidebar, and displays differing content depending on which currency is being used. The developer finds that the block is displaying the same content for all currencies, depending on which currency is viewed first after the cache has been flushed.

How would the developer resolve this?

4. Your module adds a new controller class which will return a JSON response.

What will be the return type of the execute method?

5. Which two techniques can be used to protecta storefront POST action against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks? (Choose two.)

6. The module MyCompany_MyModule provides custom admin interface pages.

Access to these pages should only be granted to specific users.

You add the required configuration to the module’s acl.xml file, but the setting does not seem to work as expected.

How do you visually check if Magento evaluates your ACL resource as expected?

7. You want to remove a column introduced by a third-party extension via declarative schema.

How do you do that?

8. There are two different configurable products which both share one variation. The shared variation is represented by the same simple product.

A customer added both configurables to the cart with the same selected variation?

How will they be displayed?

9. A message queue currently has queue/consumer-wait-for-messages set to true, which allows the consumer process to run until a message is inserted into the queue. A piece of functionality is driven by data stored in the model.MagentoVariable\Modelvariable and this value is only loaded once during the consumer run. If the variable is updated we want the consumer to restart so that the new value is loaded into memory without having to reload the variable on each message consumed.

The Adobe Commerce developer has created an after plugin on the Magentovariablevariable::save() function.

How would the developer use the plugin to trigger the consumer restart?

10. Create a data patch copying those exceptions to their original destinations like vendor/magento/ framework /except Ion/ to replace original files.


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