Adobe AD0-E121 Practice Questions [Updated In 2022] Have Approved For Good Learning Materials

Adobe AD0-E121 Practice Questions [Updated In 2022] Have Approved For Good Learning Materials

Candidates should know that the AD0-E121 exam is one popular Adobe certification exam for Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner certification. It is designed for the candidates including:

  • Individuals in partner organizations and freelancers who perform an author or analyst job role for AEM solutions
  • Marketing specialists who know the features and capabilities needed to engage developers to define a solution for business needs
  • Customer Power Users or Product Owners

As one AD0-E121 exam candidate, you can be here to choose the Adobe AD0-E121 practice questions as your learning materials. Adobe AD0-E121 practice exam contains 100% approved AD0-E121 exam questions which are taken from the real exam. Also, the answers have been verified by successful certified professionals.

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1. The marketing team runs a campaign that starts at midnight The campaign includes multiple updates to the existing pages across the website. The marketing team needs to activate all changes automatically during non-business hours.

What should the Business Practitioner recommend?

2. Due to a major conflict In the 'add to cart" functional requirement in the e-commerce project, the development team cannot proceed with the planning and implementation. After a detailed discussion with the product Owner and development team, the requirement conflict is still not resolved.

Who should the business Practitioner meet with to resolve this issue?

3. The editorial manager notices that the content team Is not following the recommended taxonomy and created tag duplicates in the different places of the tag hierarchy. The editorial manager follows up with the team and asks the Business Practitioner for the most efficient solution for the duplicates.

What should the Business Practitioner recommend the editorial manager use?

4. Which role is responsible for implementing websites, mobile applications and DAM features?

5. A customer with multi-regional offices wants 10 create a website. The digital marketing team wants the content to be created once so that it can be re-used on other sites. The regional offices are allowed to mike variations to the website without modifying the core information supplied by the head office.

Which feature should the Business Practitioner recommend?

6. 1.A company requests a new banner component that should conform to company design standards. Details on what the authoring dialog experience should be have not been provided.

Which two additional pieces of information should the Business Practitioner clarify for the developer? (Choose two.)

7. A business uses AEM as a Cloud Service. The production pipeline in Cloud Manager Keeps reporting a maintainability issue during the hot-fix deployment It will take more than 1 business day for the development learn to resolve the deployment issue. The business wants an immediate resolution.

What should the Business Practitioner recommend to the development team?

8. A customer wants to enable Two authors to finish each other's assignee workflow tastes when one author is absent or share an excessive load in the short term .

What should a Business Practitioner recommend?

9. Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response Time guidelines for uneached HTML requests?

10. A company plans to develop a set of pages with the same design and structure. The only difference between the pages is the content inside the body .

What is the belt approach to develop the pages?


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