Trustworthy AD0-E600 Exam Dumps – Free Adobe AD0-E600 Demo Questions [2022]

Trustworthy AD0-E600 Exam Dumps – Free Adobe AD0-E600 Demo Questions [2022]

IT students and candidates must pass AD0-E600 Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations and AD7-E601 Adobe Real-Time CDP Technical Practitioner two exams to earn the Adobe Real-time CDP Expert certification. The trustworthy AD0-E600 exam dumps are available, which are reliable for passing your Adobe certification AD0-E600 exam easily. You just need to get the AD0-E600 exam dumps from ITPrepare and try your best to read all the dumps questions and answers carefully and thoroughly, then the trustworthy AD0-E600 exam dumps will help you pass the Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations exam with flying colors.

Free Adobe AD0-E600 Demo Questions Are Online For Testing

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1. A marketer notices that the average number of IDs linked per profile has increased significantly over the past couple weeks. In the Identity graph viewer, the marketer sees that different emails that should belong to different profiles are stitched together.

What should the marketer do next to identify the root cause?

2. A data engineer has a file they must ingest with all string fields. The engineer must keep precision of the data when converting string fields to numeric fields .

Which two functions could the the data engineer use when making this conversion? (Choose two.)

3. When sending data through the RESTful API. how can data engineers make sure the payload being sent is formatted property in real time?

4. Which service allows a data engineer to look up all metadata for a given batch ID via API?

5. Which subset of data appears when clicking the 'Preview dataset" button on a Dataset page?

6. During discovery, a business user explains that customer data from field-sales reps is stored in a third-party CRM system.

Based on the three methods of ingesting data into Adobe Experience Platform, which method should be used to set up a schedule-based ingestion run?

7. A marketer has been tasked with setting up an export of a certain segment of their profile data to their cloud storage .

Which two types of file export options are available to the marketer? (Choose two.)

8. What is model scoring in the Data Science Workspace?

9. A marketer wants 10 create a segment that qualities profiles from all datasets that are enabled for profile. The use case for the segment is for activation to advertising destinations.

Based on the options for ID stitching and merge method respectively, which type of merge policy is appropriate for this use case?

10. A data engineer is ingesting the transactional information from an ecommerce platform through a daily feed. In AEP, one Experience Event-based schema will collect the purchase events from this feed.

The eventType field of the schema must be populated with "commerce.purchases' if in a CSV record in which the column 'pure ha sesf arid ate' and 'purchaseenddate" happen on the same day, If the "purchasee/irfdate" is set to a later date, the eventType should be *commerce._orgtenant.cancer.

Both dates follow the same format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z~. and the "purchaseenddate' is always populated.

How should the data engineer create a Calculated Field that can be used to populate the eventType according to the required logic?






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