Adobe AD0-E116 Exam Dumps – Easy To Download AD0-E116 PDF For Learning

Adobe AD0-E116 Exam Dumps – Easy To Download AD0-E116 PDF For Learning

You can prepare for the AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert exam well with the Adobe AD0-E116 exam dumps of ITPrepare. You can download the AD0-E116 pdf easily for learning the questions and answers well. With these Adobe AD0-E116 exam dumps, you don’t need to worry as you don’t have to take Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert exam classes. The Adobe AD0-E116 exam dumps of ITPrepare are highly recommended as these are one of the most comprehensive preparation materials for the AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert Exam.

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1. A custom application contains a service component com.proj.ServiceComponent. A developer needs to configure the string value name and integer value intVal. The actualconfiguration must be deployed using a content package.

What should the developer do to meet these requirements?

2. After adding new features, a developer’s environment is experiencing slowness before ultimately running out of memory. The initial log analysis points towards a large number of open sessions.

Which action should the developer take to further monitor the overall session count on this AEM instance?

3. How should a developer enable remote debugging of anAEM server without modifying the AEM start script?

4. Set user.default to com.adobe.aem.samples-bundle:sample-service=systemUser"

5. A developer has acomponent located under the path /apps. This component has a Client Library which is directly loaded onto a page. The publish instance loads the page correctly. The dispatcher also loads the page but the Client Library is missing.

How should the developerresolve this issue, while taking security into consideration?

6. A custom bundle of an application is in state "Installed" after deploying it with Maven.

What should a developer do to change it to state "Active"?

7. Two AEM publish instances feed a single Dispatcher.

Which part of the Dispatcher configuration should a developer review to ensure both AEM publish instances are used?

8. A developer identifies that some requests for the page /content/sampleproject/page.html take longer than other requests for the same page.

Refer to the $DOCROOT/content/sampleproject directory below. [user@group /opt/dispatcher/cache/content/sampleproject ]$ ks -la total 2

drwxr-xr-x. 5 apache apache 4096 Feb 11 11:41 . drwxr-xr-x. 3 apache apache 4096 Nov 29 16:07 .. drwxr-xr-x. 4 apache apache 4096 Feb 7 03:21 page.html -rw-r--r--. 1 apache apache 0 Feb 7 03:19 .stat The dispatcher.log file contains the following lines:

[Wed Feb 13 13:14:04 2012] [D] [1376(1572)] checking [/libs/cq/security/userinfo.json]

[Wed Feb 13 13:14:04 2012] [D] [1376(1572)] Caching disabled due to query string:


[Wed Feb 13 13:14:04 2012] [D] [1376(1572)] cache-action for [/libs/cq/security/userinfo.json]: None

How should the developer make sure that the page is always cached?

9. A developer needs to implement a functionality that requires creating a Custom Workflow Step.

Which two steps shouldthe developer take to start developing the custom behavior? (Choose two)

10. A developer is working on a complex project with multiple bundles. One bundle provides an OSGiservice for other bundles.

Which two options are necessary to ensure that the other bundles can reference that OSGi service? (Choose two.)


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