Updated AD0-E711 Exam Dumps Questions – Good For Passing Adobe Commerce Developer Professional Exam

Updated AD0-E711 Exam Dumps Questions – Good For Passing Adobe Commerce Developer Professional Exam

You have the best study materials to prepare for the Adobe Commerce Developer Professional AD0-E711 exam. ITPrepare has updated the Adobe AD0-E711 exam dumps with 60 practice exam questions and answers to help you achieve success in actual exam. By using the ITPrepare’s updated AD0-E711 exam dumps, get ready using the advancement and boost your capabilities by way of practicing using AD0-E711 dumps questions and answers. We guarantee your success in the AD0-E711 Adobe Commerce Developer Professional exam.

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1. A JavaScript library, made by a front-end developer, needs to be connected to a single custom page. A method (rom this library must also be called to initialize it. The decision is made to add this JavaScript snippet directly to the PHTML page template.

Which function should be used to complete this task?

2. Which feature should a developer enable if a B2B buyer wants to negotiate the product price from a shopping cart?

3. Which index mode is valid?

4. A client would like to add an image icon in front of the telephone field to the shipping address form on a checkout page .

What is the correct way to modify the Ul component to set a custom template file for the field?




5. 1.Which two attribute input types can be used for a date? (Choose two.)

6. Which file is used to add a custom router class to the list of routers?

7. Which attribute option enables Adobe Commerce to distinguish between built-in attributes and the attributes created by the developer?

8. A developer would like lo initialize a theme in Adobe Commerce Which two files are required to complete this task? (Choose two.)

9. A developer needs to configure a page to use the single-column layout .

Which XML code performs this task?

10. How should a CMS page only be made available for specific websites/store views?


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