Latest Adobe AD0-E704 Exam Dumps – Correct Exam Preparation For Adobe Commerce Architect Exam

Latest Adobe AD0-E704 Exam Dumps – Correct Exam Preparation For Adobe Commerce Architect Exam

AD0-E704 Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Architect exam is a master-level exam of Adobe Commerce certification, which is for a senior Magento 2 developer/architect with 2 years of experience in customizing different areas of Magento Commerce, leading teams of Magento developers, leading projects, making key technical decisions on a Magento project, and working with customers to build project requirements. The latest Adobe AD0-E704 exam dumps are available online, which have been verified by experts as the correct exam preparation for passing your Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Architect exam. Here we also have AD0-E704 free demo questions below to help you check the quality and make a wise decision to purchase ITPrepare AD0-E704 exam dumps.

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1. Consider below code in a UiComponent xml file: MagedealEmployeeUiDataProviderEmployeeDataProvider employee_data_source entity_id id

What is the application of?

2. Suppose you need to add a custom css file in layout XML in such a way that it should load asynchronously to improve the page load performance.

What is the correct attribute for this?

3. 1.OrangeCompany decided to build a REST API based module in the application so that he can share the details of best-selling products to his franchisee. To make it's flexible and customizable in the future, he advised his developers to enable the support of extension_attribute in the API interface so that any new attributes can be added when required.

What is the way to enable the entity/interface to support extension attributes in the module?

4. Suppose there are 3 classes: Class A, B and C. Class C have dependecy of Class A You need to overrride/change an argument of class A, create an object of it and inject in Class B in such a way that it should not affect the class C.

What should be the magento standard way to do this:

5. Suppose you are working on a specific uicomponet form where front-end customers can update their name and phone number only when the admin user sets the editable_field_flag to 1 for his submitted data from the backend.

According to this flag, when loading the data in the form for front-end users, how would you check and customize to enable/disable the name and phone number fields?

6. Consider below command: bin/magento dev:theme:create frontend vendor themename Please select correct options based on it (choose 2):

7. Suppose, you need to create custom configuration file called search.xml, in the a custommodule under etc/.

Which steps are needed to achieve this?

8. A merchant wants to send email notifications to those customers after a week who placed the order but didn't pay. Suppose email content is almost similar to the default order email template content with some additional text, so you decided to use the same but in a new custom template.

How you pass the order object to the email template so that it will render the all data of default template?

9. When you reference a factory or proxy in a class constructor, these classes are generated by default inside generated directory, if they are not present in codebase.

Which Magento class is resposible for this?

10. Suppose you are tasked with update a product price to 10% more and it's cart rule to provide 5% discount after 2 month. So after this timeperiod, product price and cart rule must be activated workign in the frontend for users.

Which Magento feature you should use to do the above task?


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