Pass Your Hitachi VSP Midrange Installation HQT-4180 Exam with the Latest Study Guide

Pass Your Hitachi VSP Midrange Installation HQT-4180 Exam with the Latest Study Guide

Are you an aspiring Hitachi Vantara employee or partner looking to install and configure Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) midrange-storage systems? We have the perfect solution to help you ace the Hitachi Vantara Qualified Professional – VSP Midrange Installation HQT-4180 Exam. Our newly released HQT-4180 study guide pdf to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully install, configure, and support Hitachi midrange-storage systems at customer sites. This comprehensive study guide covers all the exam objectives, including the installation process, the configuration of storage resources, the setup of host access, and the support of midrange-storage systems. With our Hitachi HQT-4180 study guide, you can confidently prepare for the HQT-4180 exam and gain the necessary skills to excel in your career as a Hitachi Vantara professional.

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1. How many batteries does a VSP E1090 have per controller (CTL)?

2. 1.Which program is used to perform the “New Installation” procedure on a VSP midrange system?

3. What are two valid back-end SAS cable connections on a VSP midrange system? (Choose two.)

4. You are installing a new VSP G700 and are using the Initial Setup Wizard (ISW) for the network configuration.

Which set of IP addresses is configured with the ISW?

5. What are two functions of the LAN Blade in the VSP Midrange family? (Choose two.)

6. A customer wants to upgrade a VSP G700 to 512 GB RAM capacity.

What is the valid CFM configuration?

7. Which two reconfiguration activities are performed without interrupting host access on a VSP Gx00 system? (Choose two.) Choose 2 answers

8. A customer wants to change a production RAID group from RAID 5 (7D+1P) to RAID 6 (6D+2P) on a VSP G600 during normal operations. They have just unmapped the LUNs from the channel ports.

What needs to be performed next?

9. Which tool do you use to install license keys on a VSP G370 system?

10. You are installing a VSP F370 and you need to connect your laptop to one of the controllers.

What are the two default IP addresses of the maintenance ports of CTL1 and CTL2? (Choose two.)


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