Prepare For HCE-5920 Exam With The Most Useful HCE-5920 Exam Dumps

Prepare For HCE-5920 Exam With The Most Useful HCE-5920 Exam Dumps

Two steps to prepare for HCE-5920 Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist Pentaho Data Integration Implementation certification exam:

  1. Know Hitachi HCE-5920 exam clearly. It is a hot Hitachi certification exam, which is designed for Hitachi Vantara employees, partners,and customers. The real HCE-5920 exam contains 60 questions with answering of 90 minutes. To the candidates who are from non-English-speaking countries, they will have 120 minutes to complete HCE-5920 exam. The passing score is 63%.
  2. Choose useful HCE-5920 exam dumps as the preparation materials. Your preparation depends on the source of preparation you use, so make your choice carefully. ITPrepare knows what you need to take the Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist Pentaho Data Integration Implementation HCE-5920 exam, so it has prepared the Hitachi HCE-5920 exam dumps according to the actual exam syllabus with the help of experts.

Hitachi HCE-5920 Exam Free Dumps Below For Reading

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1. What are two ways to schedule a PDI job stored in the repository? (Choose two.)

2. You have slow-running steps in a PDI transformation and you notice that it is taking a long time for subsequent steps to get data and begin processing.

Which action will help solve the problem?

3. You need to design a PDI job that will execute a transformation andthen send an e-mail with an attached log of the transformation’s execution.

Which two sets of actions will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

4. You are encryption your database connection password to use in the kettle. properties file.

The output of the encr script is: Encrypted XYZABC123

In this scenario, which syntax is correct?

5. You have a PDI job where you want to dynamically pass a table name to the Table input step of a transformation. You have replacedthe table name reference in the transformation’s Table input step with‘$(table_name)’ but when the transformation runs the table name is shown as ‘$(table_name)’

Which action will correct this issue?

6. Which script will execute jobs stored in a Pentaho server from a command line?

7. You need to load data from many CSV files into a database and you want to minimize the number of PDI jobs and transformations that need to be maintained.

In which two scenarios is Metadata injection the recommend option? (Choose two.)

8. Which two statements are correct about the Repository Explorer? (Choose two.)

9. You need to process data on the nodes within a Hadoop cluster. To accomplish this task, you write a mapper and reducer transformation and use the Pentaho MapReduce entry to execute the MapReduce job on the cluster.

In this scenario, which two steps are required within the transformations? (Choose two.)

10. A customer's transformation Is running slowly in a lest environment. You have access to Spoon and you can run and monitor the job.

How do you troubleshoot this problem?


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