Latest CMA Strategic Financial Management Study Guide [ITPrepare] With Real Questions and Precise Answers

Latest CMA Strategic Financial Management Study Guide [ITPrepare] With Real Questions and Precise Answers

When introducing the CMA certification to all, we mentioned that earning the IMA CMA certification requires passing two parts, including:

  • CMA Part 1 CMA Financial Planning Performance and Analytics
  • CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management

The latest CMA Strategic Financial Management study guide of ITPrepare comes with real questions and precise answers for your learning. All these CMA Strategic Financial Management questions and answers can be downloaded in a pdf file. This pdf can be downloaded on any smartphone which makes learning the CMA Strategic Financial Management exam easy. In this way, one can prepare for the CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management certification exam by even being anywhere.

You will be able to check the CMA Strategic Financial Management exam free demo first:

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1. A corporation shows the following on its financial statements (in millions).

The corporation has a financial leverage ratio of

2. 1. In an Enterprise Risk Management environment, which one of the following is the best example of risk sharing?

3. Given the financial information shown below, what amounts would be shown for sales revenue and for gross prom, respectively in a common size income statement?

4. Javier makes hand-looted learner dog collars. The materials cost $10 per collar and the collars are sold for $50 each. Javier sells me collars at a local farmer's market mat charges S100 per month for space rental if Javier's income tax rate is 30%, how many collars must Javier sell each year to earn $1,000 net income?

5. Studler’s Restaurant is considering a contract to supply the weal senior citizen center with 10,000 meals. Regular sales at regular prices would be unaffected. The food cost for each meal s S3 Additional costs incurred as a result of the contract would De variable overhead of S 50 and variable selling general and administrative costs of S SO per meal sold. The selling price per meal would be $5, A total of $20,000 in fixed costs would be allocated at $2 per meal. The fixed costs are part of an overall total of $500,000 in annual fixed costs incurred regardless of the contract .

What will be the effect on pretax income if Studiers takes the special order?

6. L&H Sports owns and operates several stadiums used for baseball and soccer games Management is considering installing machines that would be used to roast peanuts on the premises. This equipment would allow L&H to sell freshly roasted peanuts rather than the pre-roasted peanuts that are currently sold Marketing studies suggest that this feature would increase peanut sales.

The roasters can be purchased in several sizes, and the annual rental fees and operating costs vary with the size of the roaster Information about the roasters is shown below.

L&H currently sells pre-roasted peanuts for $0 60 pet bag. Management plans to sell the freshly roasted peanuts for a higher price but at no more than a 10% increase. The demand for freshly roasted peanuts is estimated to be 250, 000 bags pet year .

Which roaster should L&H purchase to maximize its profit?

7. A foreign subsidiary of a U S company has an intercompany loan from the parent company .

Which one of the following statements about the subsidiary's functional currency is true?

8. Clark inc, expects to incur the following selected costs an a new product being planned for introduction early next.

✑ Design an development costs of $100,000 that will be incurred this year. ✑ Marketing costs of $50,000 to be incurred %50 this year %50 year

✑ Manufacturing costs of $500,000 to be incurred next year.

✑ In addition to external market factors, the pricing decision should be based on cost. The product cost that should be used is

9. Alliantz Company, a USA-based manufacturer needs to set up a hedge to protect against dollar exchange rate devaluation. The protection is necessary (or an open balance of $2 478.450 Payment is to be settled in a rare currency 40 days from today excluding transaction fees which investment instrument would be used to provide the best hedge?

10. Which one of the following moral philosophies states that the morality of an action is inherent and not based on the consequences of the action?


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