CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management Exam Dumps Updated

CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management Exam Dumps Updated

To all, the CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management exam dumps updated recently. We have collected 124 practice exam questions and answers for your preparation. ITPrepare is committed to offering you top-notch and real CMA Strategic Financial Management practice test questions and answers. To achieve this objective ITPrepare has hired the services of experienced and qualified CMA exam experts. They worked hard to ensure the top standard of real CMA Part 2 CMA Strategic Financial Management Exam Dumps.

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1. A corporation has $80 million in current assets comprised of $30 million in inventory and $50 million in cash and marketable securities it has current liabilities of $50 million. If the corporation purchases an additional $10 million in inventory with trade credit this would

2. Delman inc considering upgrading its manufacturing facility, and it is expected that the new equipment will cost $180,000. The project's is considering similar to the risk of the firm's other investments. the after-tax cash inflows attribute to this project are expected to increase by $50,000 every year over the next five years. The firm's marginal tax rate is 30%, its debt-to-equal ratio (using market values) is 60%, and its pre-tax cost of debt and equity are 8% and 12% respectively. the weighted average cost of capital appropriate for evaluating this project is closest to

3. The best discount rate to the use for evaluate of investment opportunities is the

4. Genco Healthcare has asked ns controller to summarize the company’s financial performance for the past two years. The accountant provided the following two years financial ratios for reference.

5. A company has hired a consultant to propose a way to increase the company's revenues. The consultant has evaluated two mutually exclusive projects with me following information provided for each project.

The company uses a discount rate of 9% to evaluate both projects.

Based on the net present value, the company should invest in

6. A furniture retail company uses the LIFO inventory method Due to the nigh inflation rate in me past year, the company's

7. An organization s sol of values and code or ethics is an important consideration in human resource decisions for each of the following reasons except

8. Below is the income statement and balance sheet for a retail corporation.

What is the corporation's debt to total capital in year 2?

9. A foreign subsidiary of a U S company has an intercompany loan from the parent company.

Which one of the following statements about the subsidiary's functional currency is true?

10. An accountant for a company has not used readily available professional development opportunities to stay aware of changes in tax laws and applied previous tax rules to the most recent tax return, resulting in an overpayment of income tax Using IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, how would the accountant's behavior best be described?


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