Pass Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert AD0-E708 Exam With Real AD0-E708 Dumps

Pass Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert AD0-E708 Exam With Real AD0-E708 Dumps

You need to pass the AD0-E708 Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert exam to earn the Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner certification, but how? We have real AD0-E708 dumps online to help you pass the Adobe certification AD0-E708 exam successfully. The Adobe AD0-E708 dumps with the actual questions and answers are verified by the experts who themselves got good grades in the Adobe AD0-E708 exam. One can download Adobe Commerce AD0-E708 questions dumps on PC, and mobile phones, the answers are right and one can rely on them without any fear.

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1. A Magento Open Source merchant sell toys and gift and wants to improve the experience on their website. The merchant wants to avoidextensions or customization.

How is this achieved?

2. A merchant wants to aggregate the physical stores inventory to make more products

available in their Magento store. Currently they are using the default inventory configuration with a single source.

Which two actions are required to setup the additional inventories on the store?

Choose 2 answers

3. A Magento Cloud merchant is planningtheir Black Friday Cyber Monday campaigns and wants to see an analysis of last year’s campaigns.

What are two to use Magento Business Intelligence to deliver this analysis?

4. You plan to offer gift sets which Include three products. The giftsets will be available in black or white products you plan to offer is setup as a configurable product in your Magento store with black or white as configurable options and you will continue to sell them along side the gift sets.

How will you create the gift sets using native product types?

5. A merchant has set the visibility of a configurable product to Not Visible individually and their variants to Catalog, Search.

How is the product family displayed on the product listing page?

6. While running the Magenta Commerce edition using the B2B module, an administrator has been asked to set pricing on the assigned to the company.

Which two actions are taken to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

7. A merchant is using Magento to manage inventory. The procurement department needs to see which products in the Clotting attribute set have fewer than 50 items in stock while eliminating all unnecessary columns.

How do you do this?

8. You are managing a project to launch a new Magento instance to target customers in the UK Spain and Finance. Customer will access the sites with different top-level domain names, such as and f. All websites must be localized.

Products will use prices in EUR or GBP depending on the country.

UK uses a local carrier for delivery while Spain and France use a global carrier.

What is the minimum number of combination to configure this project?

9. A merchant is creating two websites targeting different region on a single Magento instance. They have a warehouse and several retail stores in each region. They need each website to track inventory.

The available inventory on each website should be the sum of each products quality in the warehouse and any retail stores located in the websites target region.

How do you configure this in Magento?

10. A Merchant has purchased an extension from the Marketplace and it needs to be instated on production.

Which three steps do you recommend the merchant?

Choose 3 answers


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