Adobe AD0-E117 Exam Dumps – Try Free AD0-E117 Demo First

Adobe AD0-E117 Exam Dumps – Try Free AD0-E117 Demo First

If you are looking forward to preparing for the AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master exam well, you can choose the Adobe AD0-E117 exam dumps as the preparation materials. Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master (AD0-E117) exam is responsible for designing technical aspects of the AEM platform and optimally leveraging the product features. The great Adobe AD0-E117 exam dumps of ITPrepare cover each exam topic to ensure that you can pass successfully.

Try Free Adobe Certification AD0-E117 Demo Questions First

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1. 1.An AEM Sites implementation is migrating from on-premise to AEM as a Cloud Service. Previously, the application was deployed in a single package for both code and access policy nodes. After initial deployment and testing in the new infrastructure, it is reported that user permissions are not working as expected.

What change should the Architect make to address this issue?

2. Create a new editable template based on each of the existing page components

3. A client's marketing pages are generally slow to load which is causing a significant drop in sales. All other AEM pages load within expected performance guidelines regardless of whether the visitor is being served the desktop or mobile experiences.

The marketing pages typically get slower when multiple external campaigns such as Facebook and AdWords drive traffic to those pages. The page performance tends to dip during high traffic periods. Internal campaign clicks such as those from hero images use similar campaign codes as external campaign traffic.

What should the Architect do to resolve this issue?

4. A customer wants to simplify and automate publishing press pages and defines the following flows:

What should the Architect recommend?

5. A user is part of the Employees LDAP group synchronized with AEM. The same user is added to the authors group in AEM. The user is then removed from the Employees group on the LDAP server.

What is the result during the next synchronization with AEM?

6. Users report cases where data inaccuracies are present in an AEM component that relies on AEM Search functionality. The AEM platform utilizes Lucene as its main search engine.

How should an Architect resolve this issue?

7. A client recently purchased the Smart Content Service and is considering using the Enhanced Smart Tagging feature. As part of the process, the client recently created a new tagging taxonomy that has not been applied to any assets yet. An Architect needs to demonstrate the feature on a subset of the client's assets before using on all assets.

How should the Architect proceed?

8. During the implementation of a public-facing website based on AEM as a Cloud Service, the customer raises an additional requirement to have a commenting functionality for end users implemented on the pages.

What should the Architect do to make the design a future proof solution?

9. A large retail customer is building their ecommerce platform on AEM. Several third-party vendors sell products through their site. Those vendors need to review and verify the content close to production before the content goes live and the customer wants to provide them a restricted environment.

Which approach should the Architect recommend?

10. A website built on AEM Sites displays the company's stock price in the footer of all pages. The stock data is retrieved from a third party REST service using two-way SSL and rendered in an AEM component using HTL During performance testing in the last development sprint it becomes apparent that the third party service sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to respond, which degrades the overall site performance.

How should an Architect address this issue?


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