Adobe AD0-E207 Practice Exam Questions – Free AD0-E207 Questions Online

Adobe AD0-E207 Practice Exam Questions – Free AD0-E207 Questions Online

AD0-E207 Adobe Analytics Architect Master is the requirement of Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Analytics Architect certification. It requires candidates to answer 50 real questions in 100 minutes. Candidates should know that passing Adobe certification AD0-E207 exam is not an easy task, so they are highly recommended to choose Adobe AD0-E207 practice exam questions and answers as the learning guide. Before attending the actual AD0-E207 Adobe Analytics Architect Master exam, you need to practice all the AD0-E207 questions and answers regularly.

Free AD0-E207 Questions Are Below For Reading One By One

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1. You are being asked to help someone in your organization who is having difficulty accessing Adobe Launching using the Experience Cloud. Upon clicking the link to access Adobe Launch they are taken to the main Properties tab as expected. However they are not able to access the necessary web property that they need in order to complete the needed work.

Which option below would be the best solution?

2. Your client want to rank link activity using visual overlays and provide a dashboard of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement of their web pages.

Which tool would you recommend to the client?

3. A product was viewed on two different pages and was added to the cart from one of the pages.

Below are the product syntax used for each page

If the product was checked out and purchased for $100, how might revenue be attribute to eVar2 if merchandising is enabled? Select two.

4. 1.You are asked to audits the from tracking pixel of the XTZ Corporation. The form has three fields and as you are interacting with the fields, you discover an image request fired on each interaction.

Please refer the screen grab of the Contact from the tracking pixel as shoran below.

Based on the tracking pixel screenshots, which of the following events will be inflated?

5. A marketing decides to track search refinement that were selected in the search results page. A list was implemented to capture filters in propel using as the delimiter. Suppose a visitor made 10 search result pate view consistent refinement of sort1/sort3’.

What will be page view count recorded in the prop1 report?

6. What are the basis tenant of GDRP? Select three.

7. On May 25, 2018 Adobe’s new GDPR data retention policy went into effect although contract arrangements can be made to store data longer, which is the most common data retention on Adobe Analysis contracts?

8. What are the uses of processing Rules? Select three.

9. What is an appropriate use of Processing Rules?

10. What is the most granular way to extract data from Adobe Analytics?


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