Pass AD0-E711 Exam With The Online Dumps To Earn Your Adobe ACP Adobe Commerce Developer Certification

Pass AD0-E711 Exam With The Online Dumps To Earn Your Adobe ACP Adobe Commerce Developer Certification

For an Adobe candidate who is planning to be an Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Commerce Developer, he must know that the current written exam is AD0-E711 Adobe Commerce Developer Professional, not the AD0-E702 exam (retired in January of 2022). The AD0-E711 exam is to validate the skills and knowledge of Magento 2 in the areas of UI modifications, database changes, admin modifications, customizations, catalog and checkout structure, and functionality changes. The Adobe AD0-E711 exam dumps are based on the exam areas and objectives to ensure that you can pass the Adobe AD0-E711 exam successfully.

Below Is Adobe AD0-E711 Free Exam Dumps Questions For Reading

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1. You are implementing a before plugin in MyCompany_Magic. It will intercept the same method that MyCompany_Admission is already intercepting using a before plugin: Topmenu::getBlockHtml

Which two actions are required to ensure the new plugin will execute last? (Choose two.)

2. Where do you change the frontName for the admin router?

3. A client has asked you to include category url keys in product URLs.

How is this done?

4. Your module, MyCompany_MyModule, is using the frontName mymodule. You need to locate the class responsible for the frontend path /mymodule/custom.

What file contains the controller class for the frontend path /mymodule/custom?

5. 1.A merchant tasked you to add an input field for notes to the Customer Account Information backend page.

Which three actions do you specify in a module’s Data Patch to add a customer notes attribute? (Choose three.)

6. How do you set the custom block MyCompanyMyModuleBlockA as a child for the block named using layout XML?

7. You have configured an event observer to watch the checkout_submit_all_after event using this XML:

What is the required class definition for the event observer?

8. How can you access the select query of a collection?

9. You are debugging a problem resulting from a recently deployed around plugin. The plugin is intercepting the doSomething method. The aroundDoSomething plugin method is called successfully, but the original doSomething method is no longer being executed as expected.

What is causing this?

10. A merchant asks you to extend customer functionality to allow customer accounts to be associated with two or more billing addresses.

How is this implemented?


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