Valid B2B Solution Architect Dumps – Important Online Resource For B2B Solution Architect Exam Preparation

Valid B2B Solution Architect Dumps – Important Online Resource For B2B Solution Architect Exam Preparation

Candidates who earn the Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect credential can provide guidance, as well as combine guidance from different enterprise architecture viewpoints to create solutions that generate strategic business value for customers. You will be a successful B2B Solution Architect with valid B2B Solution Architect dumps of ITPrepare. We have the valid B2B Solution Architect dumps questions and answers for good learning, With this important online resource, you will prepare for the Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam well.

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1. Refer to the images below:

As part of its solution to accelerate overall sales. Universal Containers (UC) has chosen to implement a CPQ solution using Salesforce CPQ. As part of the CPQ solution, there is a requirement to retain UC's ERP as the Pricing and Product master.

UC's business process results in Products and Pricing being updated sporadically once a week, and then on a much larger scale on a monthly basis, which could result in a large amount of records that need to be updated in Salesforce.

Which strategy should the Solution Architect choose to handle this scenario?

2. Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Salesforce B2B multi-cloud project with large volumes of data and daily transactions from multiple third-party systems via multiple integrations. UC is looking at transactions of more than 1 million records a week and, in higher seasons, 10 million records a week. UC has made the decision to get a full copy sandbox to use to test all of its third-party integrations across its multiple clouds. UC has also invested in MuleSoft and the Anypoint Platform as the single enterprise service bus for all of the third-party data going into Salesforce.

Which type of performance testing should a Solution Architect recommend for testing data at scale on this project?

3. GG3 has gone live with a B2B multi-cloud solution and plans to add more functionality over time. The company has a team of system administrators who each focus on a specific cloud and area of functionality. GG3 has decided to use an Org-Based deployment approach. It wants to protect the investment made and set the team up for success in the future.

What should a Solution Architect recommend as a best practice to put checks in place for decisions on changes moving forward?

4. Universal Containers (UC) is currently using Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, and B2B Commerce. B2B Commerce and Experience Cloud are used for UC's end customers while the direct Sales team sells with partners through Revenue Cloud. However, partners want to work digitally versus through email.

The direct Sales team has asked the CIO how they can expose their Revenue Cloud capabilities to their partners and vendors using Salesforce. The CIO knows they are currently using B2B Commerce for customers and is wondering if they can do something similar for partners by exposing CPQ capabilities in Experience Cloud for partners.

What are two questions a Solution Architect should ask when evaluating either B2B Commerce or CPQ for partners via Experience Cloud? Choose 2 answers

5. Widgets Wonderful, a manufacturing company, wants to provide a better customer experience and enable field service resources to provide a quote to customers while still on site. The company has complex products that come with warranties that include preventative maintenance work. Additionally, certain warranty repair work has specific SLAs associated with it. There are 10 Field Service team members and 20 sales representatives, all of whom need to view Salesforce Field Service objects and be able to create quotes for the customer.

Widgets Wonderful's project owner has some questions regarding the number and types of licenses needed for the users and would like to better understand how warranties will be addressed.

Which two combined options should a Solution Architect suggest? Choose 2 answers

6. Northern Trail Health has clients that have more than 10,000 employees. The company's Customer Service team handles requests from its client's employees directly and tracks various rebate programs per employee. Private information should not be shared with the Sales team and they should only see contacts that are relevant to the sales process.

Assuming that Sales and Service teams share certain contacts, in which two ways should a Solution Architect ensure optimal performance? Choose 2 answers

7. During a B2B multi-cloud implementation, an executive sponsor from Universal Containers (UC) approaches the Solution Architect to discuss ongoing support and new functionality that will be rolled out to support UC. The current implementation supports Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to ensure features are enabled without impacting user efficiency? Choose 3 answers

8. A Solution Architect has gathered requirements from discovery with Northern Trail Hot Tubs below:

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs sells through a B2B2C model with Dealers.

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs tracks Dealer Opportunities in Salesforce, but wishes to have more insight into the sales process from its Dealers.

• Dealers would like to be able to get custom Hot Tub pricing quickly from Northern Trail Hot Tubs without having to wait for configuration estimates to come back from Northern Trail Hot Tubs.

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs supports its Dealers and Customers directly, and Dealers would like better insight into support that their Customers receive.

Which capabilities should a Solution Architect suggest to provide to Northern Trail Hot Tub Dealers?

9. Universal Containers (UC) is starting to go through an inventory of capabilities in regard to its many data warehouses. UC's data warehouses are currently being provided with data from OMS, ERP, Accounting, and other inventory management systems. Data warehouses are utilized by those systems for storage or analytics purposes.

UC plans to utilize the Systems of Engagement framework to classify its systems based on how they will be utilized within the enterprise architecture. UC would like to understand which systems it should directly integrate with versus utilizing the data warehouses where that data may also be stored.

How should a Solution Architect classify the data warehouses as systems within the enterprise architecture of this scenario?

10. The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) sales department currently uses Sales Cloud for its Sales team. The management team decided that the Sales team needs to start creating quotes based on the input from the finance department. NTO would like to implement quotes, contracted pricing, and invoicing for its customers. Invoicing will be done based on an agreed billing cycle. The finance department would like to see a report on the invoices sent and track the details of the payments received. NTO also has a need for partners to be able to self-service their pipeline and quoting through a portal.

NTO's internal team decided to use Revenue Cloud and Experience Cloud as its solution.

What should a Solution Architect recommend as NTO begins its implementation?


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