Check Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Dumps Free Demo Online First

Check Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Dumps Free Demo Online First

When IT students pass the Sharing and Visibility Architect exam successfully and achieve the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect certification, they will have abilities to assess the security and sharing requirements necessary to design secure, scalable solutions on the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect exam dumps are online with valid questions and answers for learning. We guarantee your success. Before choosing ITPrepare’s Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect exam dumps, you can check the free demo online first.

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1. Universal Containers (UC) uses a custom Visualforce page to displayshipment tracking information (custom object, private OWD) to field manager and agents. The IT team wants to make sure that users have access to only the information that is allowed.

Which Apex method must be used to make sure only allowed fields are shownto the users?

2. A custom ServiceFeedback object is used to collect partner feedback. ServiceFeedback records should be available to all internal employees. The OWD is set to Private for external users sopartners cannot see feedback from other partner users.

How can the Architect give access to all internal employees?

3. Universal Containers (UC) delivers training and courses to students and companies. UC is implementing a Salesforce Customer Community for its students granting them a Customer Community license. As part of the community requirements, UC asked to give students access to cases that are related to their account in the UC community.

What is the optimum sharing technique that can achieve the requirements?

4. Universal Containers (UC) delivers training in 500 different regions. The UCOperations Users team manage course setup, scheduling, and trainer setup. The Operations Users

team members work at a regional level and report to an Operations manager. The Operations manager requested access to edit ALL scheduled courses owned by theOperation Users team.

How can this be achieved?

5. Universal Containers (UC) has Affiliates who sell containers in countries where UC does not have a local office. UC has leveraged the Partner Community to manage the sales cycle.

One of their affiliates has exponentially grown in the last years and restructured its internal sales team with the following structure:

Sales VP ...> Direct of sales ..> Sales Manager ..> Sales Reps

What is the main problem a Salesforce Architect will face to provide a solution?

6. Which two objects support creating queues? Choose 2 answers.

7. Inorder to allow community users to collaborate on Opportunities, which license type must the users.

8. Users at Universal Containers are complaining that a field has disappeared from the Account page after deploying its latest project. The page layout has not changes with this deployment.

How should the admin troubleshoot this issue?

9. Universal Containers (UC) sales managers are complaining that they cannot access their teams' Shipment records (a custom object). Initially, the admin suggested that this it happening due to misconfigured role hierarchy (Shipment OWD is Private). Alter investigation, they determined the. role hierarchy for these users is correct.

What can be the reason why Universal Containers sales managers are not able to see Shipment records?

10. Sales manager at universal containers (UC) have requested viewing customer invoices in Salesforce. Invoice data is mastered in the ERP system.

The architect at UC decided to surface the customer invoices in salesforce using external objects and did the following:

- Configured an external object called Invoice.

- Created a lookup relationship between account and the invoice.

How can the architect grant the sales managers access to the customer invoices data?


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