Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect Exam Dumps – 100% Passing Guarantee

Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect Exam Dumps – 100% Passing Guarantee

How to be a Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect?

  1. Earn the B2C Commerce Developer certification successfully as the prerequisite;
  2. Pass the Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect certification exam successfully.

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Test B2C Commerce Architect Free Demo Questions Below First

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1. Your project requires the integrating with a 3rd party PIM for importing master catalog, two storefront catalogs and pricebooks. All imports need to happen in a single job. Search indexes will also need to be re-built.

2. You’re in charge of Pipeline migration to Controllers.

What should be the best approach to do it in order to avoid poor performance and using Pipelines and controllers together until all migration is done?

3. Which standards allow class?

4. Your project has 4 storefronts for different branches. Everyday at 4.00 am runs a job to import inventories, master catalog and storefronts for each of those sites. You’re in charge of job configuration, given this information what should be the best approach to achieve it?

5. You’re in charge of identifying a bottleneck in the network chain.

Given this Google Dev Tools screenshot of a particular request in the product listing page.

What may be the root cause?

6. During the monitoring tasks you realize that a third party integration with your storefront is logging sensitive data.

What can we do to avoid saving this information to the system logs?

7. Facebook connect will be available on your storefront to allow users to log in. To configure properly the new OAuth provider.

What should you need from your product owner?

8. Our company is planning an integration with a 3rd party provider to get information about product rating. As an architect you’re in charge of the Interface Specification Document so, you requested all needed information to the rating provider.

A few days later you receive an email with the desired information:


User: ratingprovider

Pass: r$afF2!_dA

Select 2 correct answers you should do as an architect after receiving this information:

9. You have been requested to integrate in the checkout and user profile forms and address suggestions. To do that you’ll need to sync with the 3rd party provider to gather needed info to properly configure the service to retrieve the addresses.

What should request the provider?

10. Cross-site scripting (XSS) lets attackers inject client-side JavaScripts into a web page viewed by a targeted user.

Which encoding will you use in the <isprint> tag to avoid cross site scripting:

<script type="text/javascript"> var data = "<isprint encoding="" value="${unsafeData} "/>"; </script>


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