Updated PDI Dumps – Pass Platform Developer I PDI Exam With The Updated Dumps

Updated PDI Dumps – Pass Platform Developer I PDI Exam With The Updated Dumps

If you want to be a Platform Developer I certified successfully and quickly, you can choose the updated Salesforce PDI dumps from ITPrepare as the learning materials. We have verified all the most updated PDI dumps questions and answers to help you achieve your goals. The updated PDI dumps have the actual exam questions and answers in a pdf file, all the questions and answers must be read thoroughly before attending the actual PDI Platform Developer I certification exam. We have complete confidence to make sure that you can pass the Platform Developer I PDI exam with the most updated Salesforce PDI dumps on the first attempt.

Read Platform Developer I PDI Free Dumps Questions Before Purchasing The Updated PDI Dumps

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1. Since Aura application events follow the traditional publish-subscribe model, which method is used to fire an event?

2. Universal Containers decides to use purely declarative development to build out a new Salesforce application.

Which three options can be used to build out the business logic layer for this application? Choose 3 answers

3. A developer Edition org has five existing accounts. A developer wants to add 10 more accounts for …

The following code is executed in the Developer Console using the Executor Anonymous window:

How many total accounts will be in the org after this code is executed?

4. What are three ways for a developer to execute tests in an org? Choose 3.

5. What should a developer do to check the code coverage of a class after running all tests?

6. What should a developer use to fix a Lightning web component bug in a sandbox?

7. A developer is debugging the following code to determinate why Accounts are not being created Account a = new Account(Name = 'A'); Database.insert(a, false);

How should the code be altered to help debug the issue?

8. Universal Containers wants Opportunities to no longer be editable when reaching the Closed/Won stage.

How should a developer accomplish this?

9. A developer wrote the following two classes:

The StatusFetcher class successfully compiled and saved. However, the Calculator class has a compile time error.

How should the developer fix this code?

10. Which annotation exposes an Apex class as a RESTful web service?


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