Real Experience Cloud Consultant Study Guide – Correct Way OF Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Preparation

Real Experience Cloud Consultant Study Guide – Correct Way OF Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Preparation

We need to know the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant is for consultants who have experience implementing and consulting on the Salesforce Experience applications in a customer-facing role. Acquiring the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification needs to have the valid Administrator certification as the prerequisite. Then you can come here to choose the real Experience Cloud Consultant study guide from ITPrepare, then get the correct way of Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant exam preparation. ITPrepare offers the updated and verified Experience Cloud Consultant dumps questions that are the best helping materials or a guide for passing the Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant exam.

You can have the Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant free demo online for checking:

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1. Northern Trail Qutfitters (NTO) would like to create a public Knowledge base for the general public to be able to view articles, manuals, and FAQs.

Which template should NTO select when building its site?

2. Northern Trail Qutfitters would like to display a different Hero component on the Home page for United States and EMEA.

How should an administrator accomplish this?

3. Universal Containers (UC) is building a digital experience for its customers that supports custom case management and commerce solutions. These custom solutions each require more than 10 unmanaged custom objects that would be utilized by customers.

Which two license types have single SKUs that would support this requirement for UC customers? Choose 2 answers

4. A consultant recently finishedgathering requirements for a Cloud Kicks (CK) project that will launch five new Customer Experience Cloud sites worldwide, all on a brand new Salesforce org. The purpose of these sites is to a generate buzz around new CK models and crowdsource new ideas for the RAD department.

The consultant knows Multiple Books that they need to enable moderation and rate limit rules as part of their planning and must meet the following requirements:

* Each site must have three unique content moderation rules that flag specific keywords.

* Each site must have four unique rate rules that govern posting limits.

* All authenticated users must be able to post on demand. Calculator

What should the consultant consider doing before beginning work on these sites?

5. What are two ways a question can be escalated to a case? Choose 2 answers

6. Northern Trail Outfitter is looking to implement a public Knowledge base. The company has 1, 000 articles stored inan external systems.

Some of the articles are more than 2 years old.

What should a consultant recommend to optimize the public knowledge base?

7. The Experience Cloud manager has been asked to ensure that a Knowledge article Is visible to Internal Salesforce users, unauthenticated visitors to the site, and third-party authenticated users.

Which two settings need to be configured on the draft article before it is published? Choose 2 answers

8. A manager at Ursa Major Solar is responsible for creating and editing only the community users for the Partner Community they have recently set up using Experience Cloud. However, the manager is able to make organizational changes to the user records of the internal users as web.

What could be the possible issue here?

9. Universal Containers’ (UC) Salesforce org uses SAML 550 with a third-party identity provider for internal user authentication. UC now wants to extend this capability for Experience Cloud site users as well.

What should the UC administrator ensure in order to successfully implement SAML 550 for the Experience Cloud site?

10. How can Sharing Sets be used to share records with Customer Community users?


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