Pass the Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator Exam on Your First Try: The Ultimate Guide with 123 Q&As

Pass the Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator Exam on Your First Try: The Ultimate Guide with 123 Q&As

Achieve the Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator certification on your first try with ITPrepare’s B2B Commerce Administrator exam questions now. We have collected 123 practice questions and answers based on the latest exam objectives to help you prepare for the real 50 questions in 90 minutes exam. Our guide covers all the key concepts and technologies needed to pass the B2B Commerce Administrator exam and provides in-depth explanations, hands-on exercises, and test-taking strategies. Don’t leave your success to chance, trust the latest B2B Commerce Administrator exam guide for guaranteed success in the Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator exam.

Reading the B2B Commerce Administrator free demo is good for knowing the guide well:

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1. How can a customer restrict one Buyer Group from viewing product pricing while allowing it for another Buyer Group in the sameStore Front?

2. Which two statements are true when upgrading Salesforce B2B Commerce from Release A to Release B? Choose 2 answers

3. Which two descriptions accurately describes a Kit Product Type? Choose 2 answers

4. What configuration steps arerequired to send Order confirmation emails to Buyers?

5. Which two statements are true about Salesforce B2B Commerce Price Lists? Choose 2 answers

6. 1.Which two types of mats updates can be made to a CC Price List? Choose 2 answers

7. A company sells various sizes of rubber O- Rings individually and in packs of 12. The company wants to present the customer with all O-Ring purchasing options within a single Product Detail Page.

Which two Salesforce B2B Commerce functionalities should the company use? Choose 2 answers

8. What accurately describes a Dynamic kit Product Type?

9. What are two advantages of having Commerce and CRM data together?

10. Which is a workspace in the Commerce App?


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