Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Dumps With Actual Questions and Answers

Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Dumps With Actual Questions and Answers

IT students can choose to be Salesforce Pardot Consultants to prove they are able to design and implement solutions using Pardot’s marketing-automation capabilities that meet their business requirements and long-term engagement goals. Register for the Pardot Consultant exam now. We have the actual Pardot Consultant dumps with actual questions and answers for your preparation. Just download the pdf file and start learning all Pardot Consultant dumps questions and answers now. By the way, before taking the Pardot Consultant exam, you need to pass the Pardot Specialist exam as the prerequisite.

We have Pardot Consultant free demo online for reading:

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1. LenoxSoft wants to create a re-engagement program that will nurture prospects if they're last activity is greater than 90 days. Once they begin the re-engagement program, if they become active, the prospects need to remain in the program.

Which solution would you recommend?

2. There is Custom Field Type in Pardot called Phone

3. Choose required fields while creating a Prospect

4. Which is true about Pardot Flile Hosting limits

5. While reviewing the Velocity section of the Pipeline Report in the B2B Marketing Analytics App, a Pardot administrator notices that it is taking prospects an average of 30 days to get from the Visitor stage to the Prospect stage. The admin wants to decrease this to 15 days.

What next steps should decrease the transition time?

6. Lenoxsoft wants to continue to use their existing forms. Pardot form handlers cannot be used due to the encryption placed on them. However, Lenoxsoft wants all future leads or contacts converted via their existing forms to be created as prospects in Pardot with their Pardot campaign set to Salesforce connector.

With this restriction outlines, Lenoxsoft wants to build an automated process with the following requirements:

- New prospects are added to the New Lead engagement program and remain until they reach a score of 100

- Once prospects reach a score of 100, they should no longer receive emails from the New Lead engagement program.

Based on the above, which process should the Consultant recommend?

7. LenoxSoft has a Pardot form on their website that adds prospects to their monthly newsletter list upon completion. Recently, they have noticed some of the prospects on this list have invalid email addresses.

What method should be used to only add valid email addresses to their list moving forward?

8. Lenoxsoft uses their existing email sending platform to send a monthly promotional email to subscribers on the 15th of each month. They are beginning their Pardot implementation on the 5th and must send the email on time. They have asked to focus on the minimum setup in Pardot in order to meet their email send deadline.

Based on the above constraints, what should the Consultant determine to be the first steps in Pardot?

9. Lenoxsoft currently has prospect data in another email-sending platform, and they want to migrate it over to Pardot. The system has a list of mailable prospects and a list of unmailable prospects who unsubscribed/opted-out that do NOT exist in Salesforce. The marketing team wants to make sure that they stay complaint with the permission-based Marketing Policy while maintaining their database of unsubscribed/opted out prospects when they migrate this data over to Pardot.

How should the data be imported?

10. How should the system administrator configure the account to provide specific users the ability to easily navigate across business units (BUs) to access assets in both regions?


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