Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 Exam Dumps [2022] – Pass ADM-201 Exam Successfully

Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 Exam Dumps [2022] – Pass ADM-201 Exam Successfully

Passing Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 exam proves that you have a very good knowledge of working with and customizing Salesforce. We will be sure that you need the help of ITPrepare Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 exam dumps. Salesforce ADM-201 exam dumps are created by IT professionals and verified by them and other users who have successfully passed their Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. The Salesforce ADM-201 practice questions and answers are always up to date as soon as the ADM-201 exam syllabus is announced. ITPrepare offers the ADM-201 dumps for the preparation of the ADM-201 exam that will help you to pass the ADM-201 exam with outstanding results in your first attempt.

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1. An administrator creates a custom text area field on the Account object and adds it to the service team's page layout. The service team manager loves the addition of this field and wants it to appear in the highlights panel so that the service reps can quickly find it when on the Account page

How should the administrator accomplish this?

2. Which three can be modified on standard object fields? Choose 3 answers

3. At Ursa Major Solar, Salesforce users have a session timeout of 12 hours, but management wants the session timeout to be increased to 24 Os) hours, Additionally, management wants inactive users to be logged out at that time. ?

What should the administrator do to fulfill this request?

4. Ursa Major Solar wants to assist users with a guided expense report process to simplify submissions, routing, and authorizations

Which two tools should an administrator use to build this solution? Choose 2 answers

5. Ursa Major Solar recently enabled the multiple currencies feature.

As a result, which currency will be used as the foundation for all currency conversion rates?

6. A user at Universal Containers left the company. The administrator needs to create a new user for their replacement, but they have assigned all available user licenses.

What should the administrator do to free up a user license for the new user?

7. A Sales executive at Universal Containers (UC) is utilizing Collaborative Forecasting to track sales rep quote attainment and wants to be alerted when an opportunity stage is moved backward In the sales process.

Which feature should the administrator use to fulfill this request?

8. Universal Container's administrator has been asked to create a many-to-many relationship between two existing custom objects.

Which two steps should the administrator take when enabling the many-to-many relationship? Choose 2 answers

9. An administrator wants to trigger a follow-up task for the opportunity owner when they close an opportunity as won, and another task after 60 days to check in with the customer.

Which two automation tools should the administrator use? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers uses a private snaring model for Accounts. Accounts are assigned to a region using a custom region picklist on Account. A manager from Europe has requested that the ensure set of EMEA users be able to work on al EMEA Accounts.

Which two actions should an administrator take to complete this request' Choose 2 answers


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