Test PDII Free Exam Questions Online To Check Salesforce PDII Online Materials

Test PDII Free Exam Questions Online To Check Salesforce PDII Online Materials

How to pass your PDII Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II certification exam?

  1. You must have valid PDI Platform Developer I certification.
  2. You need to prepare for PDII exam completely with valid study materials.

We have Salesforce PDII study materials with valid exam questions and answers, which are the best online materials for your preparation. All the PDII exam questions and answers can be read again and again, so you will be so confidence to take the actual Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) exam smoothly. We also have free demo online, then you can test PDII free exam questions online below to check Salesforce PDII online materials.

Test Salesforce PDII Free Exam Questions Online

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1. A corporation has many different Salesforce orgs, with some different objects and some common objects, and wants to build an application that can create, retrieve, and update common object records in all of the different orgs.

Which method of integration should the application use?

2. A developer has created a Visualforce page that uses a third-party JavaScript framework. The developer has decided to supply data to the JavaScript functions using JavaScript Remoting for Apex Controllers.

What is the correct syntax to declare a remote method in Apex? (Choose two.)

3. Invokable methods accept sObjects as parameters.

4. A customer has a single Visualforce page that allows each user to input up to 1500 sales forecasts and instantly view pivoted forecast calculations. Users are complaining that the page is loading slowly, and they are seeing error messages regarding heap and view state limits.

What are three recommendations to optimize page performance? (Choose three.)

5. A company has code to update a Request and Request Lines and make a callout to their external ERP system's REST endpoint with the updated records.

The CalloutUtil. makeRestCallout fails with a 'You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out' error .

What should be done to address the problem?

6. A developer has a Debug method within a class, which is invoked hundreds of times.

What is the optimal functionality in the Developer Console to count the number of calls made to the method?

7. Which of the following elements can be members of a public group? (Choose three.)

8. How many Territories can an instance of salesforce have?

9. 1.A developer is creating unit tests for code that makes SOAP web service callouts. The developer needs to insert some test data as a part of the unit tests setup.

What are three actions to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

10. What is the transaction limit for the number of records per DML statement?


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