Try Updated User Experience Designer Exam Dumps To Prepare Well

Try Updated User Experience Designer Exam Dumps To Prepare Well

It is very important for IT students to choose the latest User Experience Designer exam dumps to prepare for the Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer certification exam well. So you can try the most updated User Experience Designer exam dumps of ITPrepare to start learning all these User Experience Designer dumps questions and answers. ITPrepare’s Salesforce User Experience Designer exam dumps are authentic and the most updated among all collections in the market. We present this preparation material in the form of a PDF file for learning easily.

Also, you will be allowed to check the User Experience Designer free dumps demo below:

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1. Universal Containers (UC) uses a custom lightning component with an Apex class to display shipment information (custom object, private OWD). UC sales managers are complaining about two important points:

Shipment records that belong to their teams can be seen by other users.

Shipment amount should be visible only by managers, but sales reps are able to view it.

Which two features did the development team miss that is causing the problems? Choose 2 answers.

2. 1.An organization must be digitally accessible to enable social opportunity.

What are three core principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)? Choose 3 answers

3. Users from a small group within a Sales team have complained about an object that is often used only by team that has not been added to their Lightning app. Due to the small volume of users, the administrator is not considering creating a new app for them.

Which two Salesforce feature should be suggested to improve the end-user experience? Choose 2 answers

4. A UX Designer is going to create a custom app for a new team of service agents.

Which three parts of the user interface could be customized? Choose 3 answers

5. What are Salesforce core design principles when making design decisions?

6. The UX Designer at Cloud Kicks is asked to make the website size and content adapt to the screen size, platform and orientation.

Which design should the design use?

7. In which two ways could the usability of accordion elements be improved in a mobile environment? Choose 2 answers

8. A company provides a way for customers to shop for homes and contact real estate agents online. The company’s brokers use some of the Salesforce standard functionality to track home buyers.

Which three standard Salesforce objects should be used in this experience? Choose 3 answers

9. Cloud Kicks (CK) is incorporating Relationship Design principle into its business model and customer offerings wherever possible. Choose 3 answers

10. A UX Designer wants to ensure new Salesforce users are given the appropriate onboarding experience.

Which two on-App Guidance customizations should be used?


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