Latest Heroku Architecture Designer Dumps With Correct Questions and Answers

Latest Heroku Architecture Designer Dumps With Correct Questions and Answers

You can trust the latest Heroku Architecture Designer dumps of ITPrepare to prepare for your Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer exam well. We offer Heroku Architecture Designer exam dumps with correct questions and answers in a pdf file that is compatible with all the smart devices. You can instantly download the Salesforce Heroku Architecture Designer dumps on your PC, laptop, Mac, tablet, and smartphone right after the purchase. Prepare with your Heroku Architecture Designer exam when you find time at any place you want.

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1. Universal Containers wants to ensure that inventory needed for repair jobs is tracked and managed so Technicians have the material for their jobs.

Which two ways should a Consultant recommend tracking these inventory requirements in Salesforce? (Choose two.)

2. A hospital is planning to rewrite its on-premise patient registration system. Their current system is HIPAA-compliantas well as ISO 27018-compliant. They need to maintain these same certification levels after the rewrite. Their new app also needs to sync PII (personally identifiable information) data with their Salesforce org.

What Heroku Enterprise solutions should anArchitect propose?

3. Canvas apps can authenticate a user with:

4. The Heroku CLI give you the ability to:

5. When designing a Heroku application, which two approaches observe the Twelve-Factor methodology? Choose 2 answers.

6. Heroku Connect is an add-on that syncs Force, com data into:

7. A client runs an application on a background worker dyno. The application allows its users to request personalized information as a PDF. At peak usage, the app processes millions of requests at once. The resulting numberof requests has caused a bottleneck that is impacting its performance.

Which two solutions can an Architect recommend to resolve the bottleneck and improve performance? (Choose two.)

8. Universal Containers wants to ensure that Service Appointments are only assigned to Active Resources .

What configuration should a Consultant recommend for the Scheduling Policy?

9. Universal Containers needs to write their Herokuapplication's logs to two destinations: an on-premise Syslog log server and a cloud analytics provider that ingests logs using an HTTPS endpoint.

What should an Architect recommend in this scenario?

10. Which three resources can be found in the Heroku Elements Marketplace? (Choose three.)


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