Updated Salesforce PDI Exam Dumps – Perfect For Completing Platform Developer I PDI Exam

Updated Salesforce PDI Exam Dumps – Perfect For Completing Platform Developer I PDI Exam

You can find the most updated Salesforce PDI exam dumps here to practice the latest PDI dumps questions and answers. We guarantee that the Salesforce PDI dumps questions and answers are perfect for completing Salesforce Platform Developer I certification exam. Compared with the old version, the most updated Salesforce PDI exam dumps of ITPrepare are more accurate with valid questions and answers. We ensure that candidates can pass the Platform Developer I Salesforce PDI exam on the first attempt.

Platform Developer I PDI Free Exam Dumps Are Below For Reading

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1. A developer must write an Apex method that will be called from a Lightning component. The method may delete an Account stored in the accountRec variable.

Which method should a developer use to ensure only users that should be able to delete Accounts can successfully perform deletions?

2. What can used to delete components from production?

3. While writing a test class that covers an OpportunityLineItem trigger, a Developer is unable to create a standard PriceBook since one already exists in the org.

How should the Developer overcome this problem?

4. Universal Containers has large number of custom applications that were built using a third-party javaScript framework and exposed using Visualforce pages. The Company wants to update these applications to apply styling that resembles the look and feel of Lightning Experience.

What should the developer do to fulfill the business request in the quickest and most effective manner?

5. When using SalesforceDX, what does a developer need to enable to create and manage scratch orgs?

6. A developer created a custom order management app that uses an Apex class. The order is represented by an Order object and an Orderltem object that has a master-detail relationship to Order. During order processing, an order may be split into multiple orders.

What should a developer do to allow their code to move some existing Orderltem records to a new Order record?

7. A developer Is asked to create a Visualforce page that lists the contacts owned by the current user. This component will be embedded In a Lightning page.

Without writing unnecessary code, which controller should be used for this purpose?

8. As a part of class implementation a developer must execute a SOQL query against a large data ser based on the contact object.

The method implementation is as follows.

Which two methods are best practice to implement heap size control for the above code? (Choose 2 Answers)

9. An Apex method, getAccounts, that returns a List of Accounts given a searchTerm, is available for Lightning Web components to use.

What is the correct definition of a Lightning Web component property that uses the getAccounts method?

10. An org has two custom objects:

* Plan_c, that has a master-detail relationship to the Account object.

* Plan_item_c, that has a master-detail relationship to the plan_C object.

What should a developer use to create a Visualforce section in the Account page layout that displays all of the plan.. Account and all of the Plan_item_c records related to those plan_c records.


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