Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Training Materials Online Updated

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Training Materials Online Updated

For candidates, choosing the training materials online is the most effective way to pass the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam. But they need to make sure that they have the most valid and updated study materials. Salesforce Certified Business Analyst training materials of ITPrepare have been updated recently with the latest practice questions and answers. The Certified Business Analyst dumps questions are systematic and cover all topics of the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam. It is easy to understand, hence will undoubtedly help the candidates to become successful in the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam.

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1. Universal Containers is implementing a Salesforce solution that’s designed to transform its customer service division. During sprint planning, it was determined that the development team would be able to successfully deliver all remaining work items. However, due to unplanned delays, the development team is now at risk of being unable to complete the work items.

The project manager has asked for the business analyst’s (BA) help to prioritize the remaining work items. The development team has 16 hours of capacity remaining and is focused on launching a minimum viable product (MVP) of the customer service solution as soon as possible.

Which work items should the BA prioritize with the remaining 16 hours of development capacity?

US-4008 and US-4009

2. Prioritize which requirements will be included in the minimum viable product.

3. 1.An executive stakeholders at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to explore automating NTO’s Quote-to-Cash process and has asked the business analyst (BA) to pull together some high-level information on possible solutions.

Which type of document should the BA present to the stakeholders?

4. The business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks has been interviewing customer service team members who use Service Cloud to understand the steps they take to complete their daily work. The BA is working on a solution to improve their productivity by identifying each step and documenting its purpose.

Which type of requirement documentation is the BA using in this scenario?

5. A business analyst has been tasked with leading prototype efforts for a Salesforce project.

What is a prototype?

6. Management at Cloud Kicks has asked a business analyst (BA) to gain alignment from a group of people to determine what is in scope and out of scope on a Salesforce project.

Which group should the BA include early in the scoping process?

7. The business analyst at Cloud Kicks is using a checklist to assess the quality of user stones for an upcoming Experience Cloud implementation.

Which characteristics make a user story successful?

8. The VP of sales at Clod Kicks wants to streamline the lead qualification process to improve the team’s productivity and help them reach their target goals. A business analyst (BA) has been assigned to the project to identify the disconnect between the sales and marketing teams’ definition of a qualified lead?

What should the BA focus on?

9. Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE).

How will CK benefit from using a CoE to define the long-term vision for its Salesforce org?

10. A business analyst (BA) is working with the support team at Cloud Kicks (CK) on a Service Cloud implementation. The BA has decided to create a process map to understand CK's current merchandise return process.

What are the top three benefits of creating a process map?


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