Updated Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Practice Exam – Pass Education Cloud Consultant Exam Successfully

Updated Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Practice Exam – Pass Education Cloud Consultant Exam Successfully

We ITPrepare have updated the Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant practice exam to be your learning materials. We provide you with the most comprehensive, updated, and latest Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant practice test questions, so you can maximize your chances of passing the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam. With ITPrepare’s Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant practice exam, you can practice with confidence and review your exam materials at your own pace and on your own time.

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1. A university dean wants to refer students for summer engineering internships and requests a list of people who earned high final scores in the Intro to Civil Engineering class.

Which objects should the consultant include in the report?

2. 1.International Programs wants to track the emergency contacts for students who are studying abroad.

Which functionality should a consultant implement to meet this requirement?

3. Recruiters at an institution are evaluating tools to enhance their email. They want to see when a student has opened an email or clicked on a link. Recruiters also want to insert time slots directly from their calendar into an email and allow students to choose the meeting time.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

4. A college wants to expand Its existing Salesforce environment to include adviser Link.

Students will need to create and edit appointments with their advisor.

Which two Customer Community licenses can be used which Advisor Link?

5. A consultant has been working with a university to build a new student services solution using Salesforce. The consultant is preparing for User Acceptance Testing.

Which item should be excluded from the testing scope?

6. A college is interested in best practice and tips on Salesforce date foverance.

Which resource should the consultant recommend?

7. A university plans to implement Advisor Link for approximately 90,000 students. The university needs to populate data from the student information system (SIS) to Salesforce. The data exported from SIS needs to be automatically modified to correspond to values in Salesforce.

Which integration approach should the consultant recommend?

8. The director of graduate recruitment is interested in Education Cloud. Recruitment staff need to access Opportunity and Campaign Member information about students. The IT director is concerned about cost and suggests using other license types for recruitment users.

What should the consultant discuss with the client?

9. A university's IT department and its consultant are integrating data from the Student Information System (SIS) to the Education Data Architecture (EDA). Advisors need to see a student's primary course of study.

Which object in EDA indicate a student's major?

10. A customer wants to install the Education Data Architecture (EDA) into their existing Salesforce org.

How should the consultant prepare for implementation?


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