OmniStudio Developer Dumps Online – Check Free OmniStudio Developer Dumps Demo First

OmniStudio Developer Dumps Online – Check Free OmniStudio Developer Dumps Demo First

Salesforce OmniStudio Developer credetial is one hot Salesforce certification, which is intended for individuals who have knowledge, skills, and experience developing cloud applications using OmniStudio declarative development tools. When preparing for this OmniStudio Developer exam, you can have the OmniStudio Developer dumps online of ITPrepare to be your good study materials. You may also check free OmniStudio Developer dumps demo first before the actual Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer exam dumps preparation.

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1. Refer to the exhibit below .

What is the marge code needed for this integration procedure structure to pass a CaseNumber node from the DRReadCase DataRaptor Extract Action to the HTTP Action’s HTTP URL?

2. A developer has a requirement to create a child FlexCard that contains all of its parent FlexCard’s records In a Datable How should the developer configure the parent FlexCard’s Node?

3. A customer sets up two LWC OmniScripts, one embedded into another. AccountId is set in a Set Values element in the parent OmniScript. The Accountid set in the parent OmniScript is used to set another Set values element ContextAccountId in the emvedded OmniScript. The embedded OmniScript is activated.

While previewing the OmniScript flow from the parent, it is found that Account I set correct in the parent OmniScript. However ContextAccount in the embedded OmniScript is not set with the Accountid from parent OmniScript. On previewing the embedded OmniScript individually. It is found that ContextAccountId is set correctly.

What is the reason for this? Refer to the exhibit below.

4. A developer is configuring a DataRaptor Load to Save contract data. The developer needs to set the record type of the contact using DeveloperName.

Which two configuration actions should the developer take to set this up in the DataRaptor Load?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

All inputs to the Calculation Matric are set correctly.

The Calculation Matrix has the following input:

What is the output?

6. Refer to the exhibit below.

In this Integration Procedure structure, what Send JSON Path would you use to send the output of the ActionZ element to a Response Action?

7. Which two in an integration Procedure or DataRaptor can execute a function like CONCAT or DATEDIFF? Choose 2 answers

8. In an OmnoScript, a developer needs to configure a Disclosure element to require user input only if the user already checked a Non-Disclosure Agreement Checkbox.

How should the developer configure the conditional view to meet this requirement?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

A developer creates an OmniScript display FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate of a contact using a Type Ahead Block. The DataRaptor used in the Type Ahead has been tested and fetches the correct data.

When previewing Omniscript, the developer enters a name in the Type Ahead and makes a selection of a contact from the list. However, the text fields FirstName. LastName, and BirthDate are not getting populated with the data.

What is the reason that the fields fail to display the fetched data?

10. Refer to the following row-versioned calculation matrix.

The developer needs to delete the row that contains the Code CA-SF.

If the developer deletes that row in Version 3, what is the result?


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