Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Dumps 2022 – Best Studs Materials From ITPrepare For Learning

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Dumps 2022 – Best Studs Materials From ITPrepare For Learning

Individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and deploying custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning Platform should pass the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder certification exam successfully. But how? We have the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Dumps to provide you with the latest dumps questions and answers for preparation. The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam dumps from ITPrepare should be the best study materials for learning.

We have Certified Platform App Builder free dumps demo below to help you check the details first:

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1. Universal Containers generates leads from three different sources: web, trade shows, and partners. Some of the information collected is applicable to all sources, there is also information that is unique to each type of lead .

What should an app builder configure to meet these requirements?

2. What is a feature that can extend record access beyond the organization-wide defaults? Choose 2 Answers

3. Which two features can be used to allow users to access Visual Workflows? Choose 2 answers

4. The director of marketing has asked the app builder to create a formula field that tracks how many days have elapsed since a contact was sent a marketing communication. The director is only interested in whole units .

Which function should be used to calculate the difference?

5. The Director of Customer Service wants to know when agents are overwhelmed with high-priority items in the support queue. The Director wants to receive a notification when a new case is open with the status of "New" for more than four business hours .

Which automation process could be used to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

6. Sales reps at Universal Containers use Salesforce on their mobile devices. They want a way to odd new contacts quickly and then follow up later to complete the additional Information necessary.

What mobile solution should an App Builder recommend?

7. A customer service representative at a call center would like to be able to collect information from customers using a series of question prompts .

What could be used to accomplish this?

8. Universal container manages internal projects by department using a custom object called projects. Only employees in the project's respective department should have view access to all of the department's project records. If an employee changes job roles and moves to another department, the employee should no longer have access to the projects within their former department .

How can these requirements be met, assuming the organization-wide default for projects is set to private? Choose 2 answers

9. What is a use case for approval processes? Choose 2 answers.

10. Universal Containers wants to build a recruiting app that allows for multiple positions to appear on custom objects websites and postings. UC requires a report that shows the related custom objects of postings .

Which two items should an app builder configure to implement this?


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