Updated ADM-201 Exam Dumps Are Good To Ensure Your Success In Salesforce ADM-201 Exam

Updated ADM-201 Exam Dumps Are Good To Ensure Your Success In Salesforce ADM-201 Exam

You can surely prepare for the ADM-201 exam with ITPrepare updated ADM-201 exam dumps well. These Salesforce ADM-201 practice questions and answers of ITPrepare are specifically designed for ADM-201 exam preparation.  If you do not have enough time to attend the training course, you can choose to practice all these ADM-201 exam dumps questions and answers regularly. We have full confidence that the updated ADM-201 exam dumps are good to ensure your success in Salesforce ADM-201 exam.

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1. A user at Universal Containers left the company. The administrator needs to create new user for their replacement, but they have assigned all available users licenses.

What should the administrator do to free up users licenses for the new users?

2. Sales Users at Cloud Kicks are requesting that the data in the industry field on the Account object displays on the Opportunity page layout.

Which type of the field should an administrator create to accomplish this?

3. Cloud kicks want to give credit to Opportunity team members based on the level of effort contributed by each person toward each deal.

What feature should the administrator use to meet this requirement?

4. Universal Containers wants to provide reseller partners with discounted prices on the products they purchase.

How should an administrator configure this requirement?

5. Cloud Kicks has created a screen flow for their sales team to use when they add new leads. The screen flow collect name, email and shoe preference.

which two things should the administrator do to display the screen flow? Choose 2 answers

6. Which tool should an administrator use to review recent configuration changes made in their org?

7. The administrator at Ursa Major Solar need to make sure the unassigned cases from VP customers get transferred to the appropriate service representative within 5 hours. VIP Customers have access to support 24 hours a day.

How should this be configured?

8. Which two solutions could an administrator find on the AppExchange to enhance their organization? Choose 2 answers

9. Northern Trail Outfitters has hired interns to enter Leads Into Salesforce and has requested a way to identify these new records from existing Leads.

What approach should an administrator take to meet this requirement?

10. Once an opportunity reaches the negotiation stage at cloud kicks, The Amount fields becomes required for sales users. Sales managers need to be able to move opportunities inti this stage without knowing the amount.

How should the administrator require this field during the negotiation stage for sales users but allow their managers to make changes?


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