Finest Identity and Access Management Architect Exam Dumps – Great Way To Prepare

Finest Identity and Access Management Architect Exam Dumps – Great Way To Prepare

The Salesforce Identity and Access Management Architect certification exam is designed for identity professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and capabilities at assessing identity architecture; designing secure, high-performance access management solutions on the Customer 360 platform; communicating technical solutions effectively to business and technical stakeholders. It is a hot Salesforce certification exam, when preparing for this exam, you can get the finest Identity and Access Management Architect exam dumps. Our experts have worked hard to provide you with the correct Identity and Access Management Architect exam questions and answers to ensure your success.

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1. Universal Containers (UC) wants to build a few applications that leverage the Salesforce REST API. UC has asked its Architect to describe how the API calls will be authenticated to a specific user.

Which two mechanisms can the Architect provide? Choose 2 Answers

2. Universal containers (UC) built a customer Community for customers to buy products, review orders, and manage their accounts. UC has provided three different options for customers to log in to the customer Community: salesforce, Google, and Facebook.

Which two role combinations are represented by the systems in the scenario? Choose 2 answers

3. Universal Containers has multiple Salesforce instances where users receive emails from different instances. Users should be logged into the correct Salesforce instance authenticated by their IdP when clicking on an email link to a Salesforce record.

What should be enabled in Salesforce as a prerequisite?

4. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses the Customer 360 Platform implemented on Salesforce Experience Cloud. The development team in charge has learned of a contactless user feature, which can reduce the overhead of managing customers and partners by creating users without contact information.

What is the potential impact to the architecture if NTO decides to implement this feature?

5. A security architect is rolling out a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) mandate, where all employees must go through a secure authentication process before accessing Salesforce. There are multiple Identity Providers (IdP) in place and the architect is considering how the "Authentication Method Reference" field (AMR) in the Login History can help.

Which two considerations should the architect keep in mind? Choose 2 answers

6. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) utilizes a third-party cloud solution for an employee portal. NTO also owns Salesforce Service Cloud and would like employees to be able to login to Salesforce with their third-party portal credentials for a seamless expenence. The third-party employee portal only supports OAuth.

What should an identity architect recommend to enable single sign-on (SSO) between the portal and Salesforce?

7. A university is planning to set up an identity solution for its alumni. A third-party identity provider will be used for single sign-on Salesforce will be the system of records. Users are getting error messages when logging in.

Which Salesforce feature should be used to debug the issue?

8. Universal Containers (UC) is planning to deploy a custom mobile app that will allow users to get e-signatures from its customers on their mobile devices. The mobile app connects to Salesforce to upload the e-signature as a file attachment and uses OAuth protocol for both authentication and authorization.

What is the most recommended and secure OAuth scope setting that an Architect should recommend?

9. Universal Containers (UC) wants its closed Won opportunities to be synced to a Data Warehouse in near real time. UC has implemented Outbound Message to enable near real-time data sync. UC wants to ensure that communication between Salesforce and Target System is Secure.

What Certificate is sent along with the Outbound Message?

10. Containers (UC) has implemented SAML-based single Sign-on for their Salesforce application and is planning to provide access to Salesforce on mobile devices using the Salesforce1 mobile app. UC wants to ensure that Single Sign-on is used for accessing the Salesforce1 mobile App.

Which two recommendations should the Architect make? Choose 2 Answers


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