Salesforce Associate Exam Questions Released – New Study Materials For Salesforce Associate Exam Preparation

Salesforce Associate Exam Questions Released – New Study Materials For Salesforce Associate Exam Preparation

The Salesforce Associate exam is a popular topic, which is for candidates who may be new to the Salesforce ecosystem and have an interest in understanding and using the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Are you one of them? Are you thinking of giving the Salesforce Associate exam recently? We are here to provide you with the Salesforce Associate exam questions for learning. The Salesforce Associate exam questions are valid, updated, and real. We are quite confident that with the latest Salesforce Associate exam questions you will get everything that you need to learn, prepare and pass the challenging exam with good scores.

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1. What should the account owner at Get Cloudy Consulting use to learn the sum of the amount for each opportunity?

2. A Salesforce associate at Get Cloudy Consulting needs a list of all active contacts grouped by Account.

What is the first step in building this report?

3. Which tool creates a visual representation of objects and their relationships?

4. A Salesforce standard profile end user is looking for specific information on an Opportunity record page. They are overwhelmed by the required scrolling to see the page.

What should the user do to simplify the page to see only what they want?

5. 1.Salesforce is built on objects like Account, Contact, and Opportunity.

What is a representation of an object?

6. Get Cloudy Consulting's growing marketing team is on a custom profile named Marketing Team.' The team currently has Read access to leads and opportunities- Two marketing managers need Edit access on leads.

What should the Salesforce associate do to grant them the access they need?

7. A Salesforce associate is creating new user accounts for a new project management team.

What will be the role of each new team member?

8. Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to simplify its sales teams Account Record page with the following recommendations:

• Adding tabs

• Hiding components

• Making fields conditionally visible

Where should GCC's Salesforce associate go to draft these changes for review?

9. How should a Salesforce associate ensure a dashboard has the most current data?

10. A Salesforce associate has been asked to identify all contacts that have had interactions with their company in the last year.

What should the associate do to identify these contacts?


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