Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Dumps – Real Certified Business Analyst Exam Dumps Questions

Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Dumps – Real Certified Business Analyst Exam Dumps Questions

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Additionally, we have the Certified Business Analyst free exam dumps for reading first:

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1. Universal Containers in rolling out Sales Cloud for the contract renewals team. The team has expressed resistance to learning another platform and changing their processes. The business analyst (BA) shows them a video case study of a contract renewals team at another company that successfully adopted Sales Cloud, which shortened it’s time to close and increased its close rate by 30%.

Which influencing style is the BA using?

2. At Universal Containers, a business analyst (BA)r solution architect, lead developer, quality assurance lead, and other team members need access to user stories as part of the Agile lifecycle of enhancements to a Marketing Cloud integration project.

What should the BA do to give all team members access and visibility to the most recent user stories as the project is in motion?

3. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has completed a project with a third-party event organization platform to enhance its MVP Experience Site. Many features were left in the project backlog. NTO's IT team is beginning a new phase of work on the Experience Site to build additional features requested by business stakeholders and wants to include the items that were left in the backlog in the first phase.

How should the business analyst coordinate the user stories to most efficiently manage the new project timeline?

4. What is used to declaratively move metadata from one environment to another?

5. The business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers needs to gather information for their project including the steps a user takes to accomplish a goal, challenges a user faces, people the user interacts with, applications they use to complete the steps, and their level of morale as they move through the process.

Which elicitation technique should the BA use?

6. Universal Container (UC) is implementing Sales Cloud. The business analyst (BA) assigned to the project wants to the project wants to become a trusted advisor to UC stakeholders.

What are some communication best practices a BA should follow to help achieve this goal?

7. Cloud Kicks (CK) needs to integrate the industry standard due-diligence in its sales process to verify customers in Sales Cloud. CK asks the business analyst (BA) to identify which stage in the sales process the industry standard due-diligence should be embedded.

What should the BA do to meet the requirement?

8. The business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers is meeting with business leaders to elicit and document functional requirements specifications related to its new Salesforce implementation. The BA will also document the functionality this system should provide so it can be developed into a work item.

What is the name of this documentation type?

9. Cloud Kicks needs to revamp its support process to improve the customer experience and

has asked the Service Cloud team to collaborate with the business analyst (BA).

The BA has scheduled an initial live process mapping session with all stakeholders and received the following calendar responses:

What should the BA do?

10. The Salesforce delivery team at Cloud Kicks consistently has user stories that developers start but are unable to complete during each sprint. During the most recent retrospective, the development team expressed that they are running out of time to complete the stories. The team used the INVEST checklist to diagnose why these stories are incomplete at the end of the sprint.

Which checklist item is the most likely reason why the stories are incomplete at the close of the sprint?


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