Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Exam Questions Online [2022]

Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Exam Questions Online [2022]

Get good results in the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification exam by using the JavaScript Developer I exam questions of ITPrepare to prepare now. The most updated JavaScript Developer I exam dumps (V10.02) are provided with 214 practice exam questions and answers to ensure that you can achieve success easily. Full using the good JavaScript Developer I exam dumps questions and also you can get the very best outcomes within the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I exam.

Below are JavaScript Developer I free dumps, parts of JavaScript Developer I Exam Questions (V10.02)

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1. A developer wants to create an object from a function in the browser using the code below:

Function Monster() { = ‘hello’ };

Const z = Monster();

What happens due to lack of the new keyword on line 02?

2. Refer to the code below

let inArray = [[1,2],[3,4,5]];

which two statements results in the array [1,2,3,4,5]? choose 2 answer

3. Refer to the code below:

Which value can a developer expect when referencing country,capital,cityString?

4. A developer wants to use a module named universalContainersLib and then call functions from it.

How should a developer import every function from the module and then call the functions foo and bar?

5. A developer wrote the following code:

01 let X = object.value;


03 try {

4 handleObjectValue(X);

5 } catch (error) {

6 handleError(error);

7 }

The developer has a getNextValue function to execute after handleObjectValue(), but does not want to execute getNextValue() if an error occurs.

How can the developer change the code to ensure this behavior?

6. Which three actions can be using the JavaScript browser console? Choose 3 answers:

7. There is a new requirement for a developer to implement a currPrice method that will return the current price of the item or sales.

What is the output when executing the code above?

8. Given the JavaScript below:

Which code should replace the placeholder comment on line 05 to highlight accounts that match the search string'

9. Given the code below:

01 function GameConsole (name) {

02 = name;

3 }


5 GameConsole.prototype.load = function(gamename) {

6 console.log( ` $( is loading a game : $(gamename) …`);

7 )

08 function Console 16 Bit (name) {

09, name) ;

10 }

11 Console16bit.prototype = Object.create ( GameConsole.prototype) ;

12 //insert code here

13 console.log( ` $( is loading a cartridge game : $(gamename) …`);

14 }

15 const console16bit = new Console16bit(‘ SNEGeneziz ’);

16 console16bit.load(‘ Super Nonic 3x Force ’);

What should a developer insert at line 15 to output the following message using the method?

> SNEGeneziz is loading a cartridge game: Super Monic 3x Force . . .

10. A developer creates a generic function to log custom messages in the console.

To do this, the function below is implemented.

01 function logStatus(status){

02 console./*Answer goes here*/{‘Item status is: %s’, status};

03 }

Which three console logging methods allow the use of string substitution in line 02?


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