Salesforce Field Service Consultant Exam Dumps – Valid Study Guide For Preparation

Salesforce Field Service Consultant Exam Dumps – Valid Study Guide For Preparation

How to earn the Salesforce Field Service Consultant certification?

Step One: Earn the prerequisites:

  • Administrator
  • Service Cloud Consultant

Step Two: Know all details about the Salesforce Field Service Consultant certification.

Step Three: Prepare for the Salesforce Field Service Consultant exam.

Salesforce Field Service Consultant exam dumps of ITPrepare have been completed to be your valid study materials for preparation. The Field Service Consultant exam dumps of ITPrepare are online to help you clear the Field Service Consultant certification exam with flying colors. Below is the Salesforce Field Service Consultant free dumps demo.

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1. Geolocation tracking is enabled for Universal Containers's Technicians but should only apply to full-time employees.

How can geolocation tracking for contractors be disabled?

2. The Dispatcher at Universal Containers would like to schedule Service Appointments from the Dispatcher’s Console while taking the Scheduling Policy into consideration.

Which three options are available to the Dispatcher? Choose 3 answers

3. Which two objects are required when configuring an optimization job? Choose 2 answers

4. Universal containers want to schedule delivery using field service lightning. Each delivery requires that an installation and safety inspection be performed by different technicians during the same visit. The safety inspection needs to be executed after the installation is completed

How should the Consultant use complex work to meet this requirement?

5. universal containers have a call center that responds to requests from customers and schedules time for field service engineers (FSEs) to perform work on assets owned by the client. Call center agents are responsible for booking appointments

Which permission set license should be assigned to the call center agents?

6. Universal Containers (UC) is using Field Service and has customer meetings at UC’s offices. When booking meetings, they would like them to begin on hour, every hour, between 9am-5pm.

How can this be achieved?

7. Universal Containers (UC) wants to better understand their service business and Field Service Technician terms’ schedules. A Consultant suggested UC start to forecast and plan.

Which two abilities does forecasting and planning provide?

8. Universal Containers wants to assign Service Appointment based on the Polygon of the child service territory in the hierarchy.

How should a Consultant assign Service Appointments to the Polygon?

9. Universal Containers wants to ensure that only Field Technicians with a specialized certification are sent Work Orders of a specific type.

In which two ways can a Consultant ensure the correct Resources are assigned to Work Orders? Choose 2 answers.

10. Northern Trail outfitters (NTO) want to track the report on individual tasks completed, including part consumed and pricing details, as part of the work order completion process. NTO want to schedule one or multiple tasks to the different technician as needed

How should the consultant meet the requirements utilizing the standard field service lightning data model?


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