Real Service Cloud Consultant Dumps 2022 – Study Service Cloud Consultant Exam Questions and Answers

Real Service Cloud Consultant Dumps 2022 – Study Service Cloud Consultant Exam Questions and Answers

One passing the Service Cloud Consultant exam to be a certified professional is able to successfully design and implement Service Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements, are maintainable and scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success. For more, passing Service Cloud Consultant exam can get help from the real Service Cloud Consultant dumps. Memorize these Service Cloud Consultant real questions in a PDF file because these questions have a high probability to appear in the next Service Cloud Consultant actual exam.

Study Free Service Cloud Consultant Demo Questions Below First

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1. Which two solutions can be used to enable agents to manage multiple cases at the same time when designing a Contact Center? Choose 2 answers

2. Universal Containers wants to implement a new web presence to support its customers.

It has provided the following requirements:

• Ability for visitors to search Knowledge articles without registering or logging in

• Ability for over one million registered customers to securely submit cases and view the status of those cases

• Ability to display white papers to registered customers

• Ability for registered customers to save favorite Knowledge articles for easy access later What should the consultant recommend as part of the solution?

3. The contact center manager at Universal Containers is concerned that the first call resolution rate for their team is too low and would like to see improvement in this metric .

What should a consultant recommend to improve this metric?

4. Universal Containers would like to provide their contact center agents with a map image of their customers location based on the Shipping Address of their Account Record .

What should a consultant recommend as part of the solution?

5. Universal Containers has recently set up an email-to-case channel for customers to submit case. However, they are having trouble tracking and relating email responses to the related Salesforce case.

What should a Consultant recommend to address this issue?

6. Universal Containers wants to implement Knowledge to assist agents with the resolution of cases .

Which three recommendations should a consultant make to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers

7. Universal container support manager wants to share product specific information with their customers using communities. Choose 3 Answers

8. UC wants to implement a Knowledge management process with the following requirements: It must contain four different kinds of content: customer FAQs, product specifications, contact center procedures, and product manuals. It must provide the ability to filter Knowledge search results by a single product, multiple products, or all 56 products. Any product-related content created by contact center agents must be approved by the contact center manager and the Knowledge manager before being published. Product content should only be visible internally to contact center agents who handle the product .

How should a consultant recommend that Knowledge be configured? Choose 3 answers.

9. A contact center agent wants to leverage subject matter experts (SMEs) on Chatter to resolve a complex issue for a customer .

What is the recommended solution to increase the involvement of SMEs and track the case to completion in Chatter?

10. Universal Containers' contact center would like to measure and communicate case escalation rates to management .

Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?


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