Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Real Exam Dumps For Learning

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Real Exam Dumps For Learning

Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect is the popular Salesforce Architect certification currently. It is designed for professionals with the requisite skills and experience in applying DevOps, Application Lifecycle Management, and governance topics. If you are eager to pass the Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect exam and want to get the online study materials, come to ITPrepare to choose the Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect real exam dumps for learning.

Before getting it, you can have the Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect free exam demo:

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1. Universal Containers has just initiated a project to implement a custom container tracking application with a large development team. The project manager is concerned that the large number of developers in a single developer pro sandbox could lead to challenges with code being overwritten.

Which two methods should be used to mitigate this risk? Choose 2 answers

2. Universal Containers CUC) is embarked on a large Salesforce transformation journey, UC's DevOps team raised a question about tracking Salesforce metadata throughout the development lifecycle across sandboxes all the way to production.

As the deployment architect of the project, what should be the recommendation to track which version of each feature in different environments?

3. What are three advantages of the package development model? Choose 3 answers

4. Cloud Kicks (CK) is launching a new sneaker line during the upcoming holiday season and needs to do a thorough batch data testing before Go-Live. CK is using Salesforce unlimited edition.

What two sandbox types should the architect recommend for batch data testing? Choose 2 answers

5. A year has passed since a project has gone live and a developer is looking to make an update to an existing Apex class, but is unsure of its purpose.

What artifact from the original project should be leveraged to determine the purpose of the class?

6. Universal Containers has a highly integrated environment with significant process orchestration between systems. When refreshing UAT, Objects that have external Ids from Production no longer point to valid External Ids in the UAT environment.

What should an Architect do to resolve this?

7. Universal Containers (UC) is a large enterprise with a complex system landscape. UC is currently rolling out new infrastructure and strategies around Salesforce DevOps. Some of the key feature’s UC is looking to support is rollback of metadata after a deployment, and the backup and restore of data to help recover from deployment issues, system bugs, or outages in their downstream systems.

Regulations in the industry mean that UC must be able to provide strategies to recover and rollback from issues. The regulator has discovered UC is not currently providing these, and must do so as soon as possible to remain compliant.

What should an architect advise?

8. What would a technical architect recommend to avoid possible delays while deploying a change set?

9. A developer with Universal Containers recently created a flow in the developer sandbox. While working on the flow, the developer deactivated it and made updates multiple times before the flow worked as desired. Now the developer is planning to use a change set to migrate the flow to the QA sandbox.

What two statements should be considered when migrating the flow with change sets? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers is about to begin the release of a major project. To facilitate this, they have several sandboxes to make their deployment train. These sandboxes are a mix of preview and non-preview instances.

What should the architect recommend?


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