Salesforce Platform Developer II PDII Exam Dumps Updated – Right Choice For PDII Exam Preparation

Salesforce Platform Developer II PDII Exam Dumps Updated – Right Choice For PDII Exam Preparation

Keep in mind that passing the Salesforce Platform Developer II (PDII) exam is not an easy task, if you want to pass this Salesforce PDII exam in a short time, then choosing the PDII exam dumps as the preparation materials is highly recommended. Getting the most updated PDII exam dumps from ITPrepare could be the right choice for your Salesforce PDII exam preparation.

Updated Salesforce PDII Exam Dumps Features | ITPrepare

  • Exam Code: PDII
  • Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
  • Exam Version: V14.02
  • Exam Q&As: 396
  • Exam Format: PDF (Instant Download)

For quick and perfect PDII exam preparation, you can trust ITPrepare’s updated PDII exam dumps. Here we also have the Salesforce PDII free demo questions below for checking:

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1. How should a developer verify that a specific Account record is being tested in a test class for a visualforce controller?

2. How would you test a web service?

3. Line 1 public class AttributeTypes

Line 2 {

Line 3 private final String[] arrayItems;

Line 4

Line 5 @AuraEnabled

Line 6 public List<String> getStringArray() {

Line 7 Strings+ arrayItems = new String*+, 'red', 'green', 'blue' -;

Line 8 return arrayItems;

Line 9 }

Line 10 }

Consider the Apex controller above that is called from a Lightning Aura Component .

What is wrong with it?

4. A developer sees test failures in the sandbox but not in production. No code or metadata changes have been actively made to either environment since the sandbox was created.

Which consideration should be checked to resolve the issue?

5. An Apex trigger and Apex class increment a counter, Edit_Count_c, any time that the Case is changed.

A new process on the case object was just created in production for when a Case is created or updated< since the process was created, they are reports that the Count is being incremented by more than one on Case edit.

Which change in the Apex code will fix the problem?





6. Which interface needs to be implemented by a Lightning Component so that it may be displayed in modal dialog by clicking a button on a Lightning Record page?

7. A developer wants to create a Visualforce page that allows a user to search for a given account by Name. If the account is found, the account details should be populated on screen. If no account is found, an error message should be displayed to the user.

How can this be accomplished? (Choose two.)

8. How many Territories can an instance of salesforce have?

9. A company has a Lightning Page with many Lightning Components, some that cache reference data. It is reported that the page does not always show the most current reference data .

What can a developer use to analyze and diagnose the problem in the Lightning Page?

10. Within the System.Limit class, what would you call to get the total limit you can call in a

single transaction?


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