Use ITPrepare DES-1D12 Exam Dumps To Prepare For DELL EMC DES-1D12 Exam Well

Use ITPrepare DES-1D12 Exam Dumps To Prepare For DELL EMC DES-1D12 Exam Well

You are recommended to use the ITPrepare DES-1D12 exam dumps to prepare for the DES-1D12 Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam. The DES-1D12 is the specialist-level exam for Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Version 2.0 certification. The DELL EMC DES-1D12 exam dumps of ITPrepare are based on the exam objectives, which help you focus on the knowledge to design solutions for Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore. We have full confidence to help you prepare for the exam well, and finally, we guarantee that you can pass the DELL EMC DES-1D12 exam successfully.

You can test the DES-1D12 free demo below to verify the DES-1D12 exam dumps:

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1. A customer configures their Live Volume setup for synchronous replication with the High Availability option. They are designing a DR resiliency plan to ensure data integrity in the event of data corruption.

Which Dell EMC SC Series technology should they use?

2. A customer wants to expand their Dell EMC Unity Hybrid system, which includes a pool of 64 drives in a RAID 5 (4+1) configuration.

What is the minimum number of drives needed to expand the pool?

3. Which features were introduced in SCOS 7.3?

4. A customer asks you about the max mum load of their new Dell EMC SC Seers array.

Which term should you use in your response?

5. Which NVMe SSDs are supported by Dell EMC Power Store?

6. A customer site has four NAS servers participating in Metro Sync replication.

Which Dell EMC Unity feature could reduce failover times?

7. What is a feature of Dell EMC Unity unified snapshots?

8. When sizing a Dell EMC Unity Hybrid array, what are considerations for performance?

9. You are designing a two-tiered Dell EMC SC Series solution that will be optimized for performance. You gather the necessary data from Live Optics and find that the read/write ratio is 80: 20.

What approach is recommended?

10. Which Dell EMC Midrange storage platforms support NVMe SCM drives?


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