DELL EMC DEA-2TT3 Exam Dumps Are Still Available Before October 28, 2022

DELL EMC DEA-2TT3 Exam Dumps Are Still Available Before October 28, 2022

The Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 3.0 DEA-2TT3 will retire on October 28, 2022. The associate level will upgrade from V3.0 to V4.0, the IT students can choose to register DEA-2TT4 Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 4.0 certification exam. If you still want to take the DELL EMC DEA-2TT3 exam, and you are eager to have the study materials, just choose ITPrepare DEA-2TT3 exam dumps for learning.

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1. Which role in service portfolio management determines and delivers the services that provide value and strategic advantage to the provider?

2. What is an advantage of adopting a microservices strategy in an application development environment?

3. What is the purpose of a bitmap in snapshot creation?

4. An organization needs to deploy remote replication between two sites that are 100 km (62 miles) apart. The organization requires a near zero recovery point objective.

Which solution would you recommend?

5. What can an IT department do to better meet IT challenges and support digital businesses?

6. The incident management team is unable to determine the root cause of an incident.

To which team should the error-correction activity be transferred?

7. Which cloud service model is represented in the exhibit?

8. Which Dell EMC product is used for a disk-based backup and recovery solution that provides inherent source-based data deduplication?

9. Refer to the exhibit, which represents a consumer environment consisting of multiple VMs running Windows operating systems (OSs).

For compliance reasons, the cloud service provider maintains version control over the OS provided to the consumer. The service provider also ensures that the configurations of the VMs comply with the configuration policy for the OS version. The configuration policy includes the two conditions shown in the exhibit. A monitoring tool verifies VM configurations against the configuration policy and provides the compliance results shown.

What is the percentage of compliance non-adherence?

10. What mechanism does RSA SecurID use?


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