DELL EMC DES-3128 Exam Questions – Free DES-3128 Dumps Demo For Checking

DELL EMC DES-3128 Exam Questions – Free DES-3128 Dumps Demo For Checking

DELL EMC DES-3128 exam is a great test. It is the written exam for Specialist – Implementation Engineer, NetWorker Version 8.0 certification. If you are planning to take the DES-3128 exam, and you are still worried about the preparation, you can come to ITPrepare to choose the DES-3128 exam questions as the learning materials. Not only real DES-3128 exam questions, but you also have a chance to check the free DES-3128 dumps demo below.

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1. A NetWorker server is utilizing a remote storage node.A media library with two LTO Ultnum-8 drives is attached to the storage node via Fiber Channel interface. There is an AFTD device labeled to the Dally pool, and a media library has several cartridges labeled for the Weekly pool.

All devices are configured on the storage node. A Windows 2019 client is being backed up to the Daily pool while the Client Direct option is enabled in the client's properties.

What is the correct data flow?

2. Which deduplication solution is supported within a NetWorker environment?

3. What is the minimum number of served licenses required for a customer with 5 datazones and 2 additional storage nodes per datazone?

4. What resource does NetWorker use to protect VMware objects, save sets, or clients?

5. An administrator added several new LDAP user accounts for backup configuration and monitoring tasks. The LDAP users have been authenticated in NMC.

Where must the user accounts be added so these tasks can be performed on the server?

6. A backup administrator wants to use an mminfo utility to run a query for several save sets from a NetWorker client running Windows 2019 However, they receive an error that the mminfo executable is not found.

What is the fastest way to resolve this issue?

7. An administrator wants to use block-based backups on a Windows client. They have already installed the NetWorker client software package on the system

Which statement describes the need for an additional NetWorker package to enable Block-based Backup support?

8. A customer has just purchased NetWorker software and asks a backup administrator to deploy a NetWorker server on an Oracle Solans 11 host

How should the administrator respond?

9. In a NetWorker environment, a daily scheduled backup was started. However, the volume did not mount, and the backup failed.

What is the reason for the failure?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator asks about the clone flag on the Cloud.

What does the T flag represent?


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