Clear DES-6322 Exam With Updated DELL EMC DES-6322 Exam Dumps

Clear DES-6322 Exam With Updated DELL EMC DES-6322 Exam Dumps

Clearing the DES-6322 Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam will help you promote and improve your position. The most updated DELL EMC DES-6322 exam dumps of ITPrepare can help you clear the DES-6322 exam for your promotion. The DES-6322 exam dumps were updated by the top experts, who collected all the updated questions and answers based on the DES-6322 exam objectives and topics. ITPrepare specialists help you in passing the Dell EMC DES-6322 Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam with the updated DES-6322 exam dumps.

Read DES-6322 free demo questions to check the updated DES-6322 exam dumps:

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1. A VxRail cluster environment is managed by the internal vCenter Server. An implementation engineer plans to deploy a new VxRail cluster using the existing vCenter Server instance, then use the

customer-supplied VDS to manage both VxRail clusters.

What must be done?

2. An implementation engineer logs in to the vSphere Client of a recently deployed VxRail cluster. They want to review the firmware versions on the VxRail nodes.

Which view should they use to gather this information?

3. An implementation engineer is performing a precheck on a VxRail cluster before expansion. During validation, they find out that the host is not compatible.

Use the VxRail simulator to describe why the host is Incompatible.

Note: It is necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.

4. During the activation of Internal SRS, the implementation engineer receives a message that the deployment has failed

What is a possible cause?

5. A VxRail Manager VM must be configured as follows:

* IP address: 192 168.10.16

* Net mask:

* Gateway: 192 168 10 254

Which command must be used?

6. A company needs to enable vSphere GPU capabilities on their VxRail cluster. To do so, they need to purchase a specific entitlement.

What licensing satisfies this requirement?

7. Which series of VxRail nodes supports either Intel or AMD processors and either hybrid or All-Flash storage?

8. What is the minimum number of VxRail nodes required for a vSAN storage policy with RAID-6 (Erasure Coding)?

9. What is a valid 2-node VxRail cluster configuration?

10. What is a requirement for the vSAN Data-at-Rest Encryption?


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