Newest DELL EMC DES-1B21 Exam Dumps With Accurate Questions and Answers

Newest DELL EMC DES-1B21 Exam Dumps With Accurate Questions and Answers

Candidates for Specialist – Implementation Engineer, ECS Version 1.0 certification need to pass the DELL EMC DES-1B21 exam successfully. The actual DES-1B21 exam focuses on the knowledge and activities involved in implementing and managing ECS solutions. When preparing it, candidates should master the exam skills and knowledge about the DES-1B21 exam well. The newest DELL EMC DES-1B21 exam dumps are available with accurate questions and answers, when choosing ITPrepare’s DES-1B21 dumps questions pdf, candidates will have a chance to pass the Specialist – Implementation Engineers, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Exam (DES-1B21) successfully.

Below are free DES-1B21 demo questions for checking before buying:

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1. ECS has old data on the disks.

What command should be used to prepare the disks for a new install of the ECS software?

2. When a disk state is suspect, what are the allowable options?

3. Which ECS array license file enables data services for storage management?

ViPR Commodity


ViPR Unstructured


4. What does ECS S3 authentication with signature version 2 use to sign requests?

5. The ECS is not PXE-booting nodes 2 through 8.

Which command should be run to check PXE boot status?





6. A retention policy and a retention period are defined for the same object.

What will control the deletion of that object?

7. An organization needs to isolate each business unit form the other such that each unit has its own user management, replication configuration and encryption policy.

What should the organization create on the ECS?

8. An implementation engineer is installing ECS and sees that node names are not resolving to the public IP addresses.

Which command should they use to validate the ECS DNS configuration?

9. 1.The ECS network solution for an organization is designed to have 4x10bE uplinks connected to both Cisco switches. The organization will create the needed port channels.

What additional configuration on Cisco switches is recommended for high availability and redundancy?

10. You are configuring a NetWork with CloudBoost solution using ECS as LTR backup. When adding the CloudBoost appliance in the Dell EMC Cloud Portal, the configuration fails and shows the following error.

Operation completed with errors. Cloud not apply initial configuration. Reason: Validation failed; cloud profile is invalid

What is causing this error?


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