New DEP-3CR1 Exam Dumps For Passing PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam

New DEP-3CR1 Exam Dumps For Passing PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam

Are you still searching for the right preparation materials to prepare for the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam (DEP-3CR1)? Then you can have new DEP-3CR1 exam dumps here to practice all those questions and answers regularly for passing the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam on the first attempt. With sufficient information in the DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 exam dumps, ITPrepare will prepare you for your final PowerProtect Cyber Recovery (DC) DEC-3CR1 exam with the best set of dumps questions and answers.

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1. What must be considered when planning and implementing a secure Cyber Recovery Vault solution?

2. When is the lockbox passphrase required after the installation?

3. Which appliance is supported as the replication target in the CR Vault?

4. Which statement is true for a policy?

5. Which operating system is supported when installing Cyber Recovery as an application?

6. Which TCP port is used to upload or download the Docker container image?

7. Which combination of objects and jobs are within a policy?

8. Before performing a NetWorker recovery, what command needs to be run to determine the UID required?

9. What should the solution architect used to determine a customer's Cyber Sense server requirements based on their environment?

10. A customer wants to use the service of an external network operation center (NOC) /security operation center (SOC) to monitor the CR Vault environment

What is the most secure solution if the customer wants to ensure that communication is only possible to

the NOC/SOC?


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