Pass the HPE2-K45 Using HPE SimpliVity Exam with Confidence Using ITPrepare’s HPE2-K45 Exam Dumps

Pass the HPE2-K45 Using HPE SimpliVity Exam with Confidence Using ITPrepare’s HPE2-K45 Exam Dumps

Are you preparing for the HPE Product Certified – SimpliVity [2021] certification and need help passing the HPE2-K45 Using HPE SimpliVity exam? You can choose ITPrepare’s new HPE2-K45 exam dumps. Our HPE2-K45 dumps consist of 40 questions and answers that cover all the essential topics you need to know to pass the Using HPE SimpliVity exam. We make sure that our questions are up-to-date with the latest exam format and curriculum. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced IT professional, the newest HPE2-K45 exam dumps of ITPrepare can help you prepare for the HPE2-K45 exam and achieve your certification goals.

Choose to read free Using HPE SimpliVity HPE2-K45 demo below:

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1. A customer wants to provide access to the HPE SimpliVity datastores for compute nodes running CPU-intensive virtual machines.

What should you tell the customer?


Click the option that will allow you to integrate HPE SimpliVity with HPE Storence.

3. What can be configured using HPE Storence Management Console?

4. A customer has a remote office with very limited rack space.

Which HPE SimpliVity model best meets this customer's needs?

5. You are designing an HPE SimpliVity solution with HPE Storence.

Which design aspects will you evaluate to optimize replication performance?

6. A customer plans to mix nodes with different drive configuration in the same cluster.

What should you explain to this customer?

7. 1.What is the difference between crash consistent and application consistent cloning methods?

8. A customer wants to migrate virtual machines from the existing infrastructure to HPE SimpiiVlty.

How can you complete this task?

9. Which HPE SimpliVity model can be equipped with the HPE mniStack Accelerator card?

10. Which HPE SimpliVity Data Visualization Platform layer is responsible for storage and tracking of all data and metadata?


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