Latest HPE6-A73 Dumps Are Available For Instant Download

Latest HPE6-A73 Dumps Are Available For Instant Download

Most candidates and students are looking for the best online resources to prepare for their HPE6-A73 Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam, so you can get the latest HPE6-A73 dumps to start learning. ITPrepare provides the latest HPE6-A73 dumps with their expertly verified questions and answers to let you know the actual HPE6-A73 Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam. The experts work tirelessly to provide valid HPE6-A73 questions and answers covering all the topics. The latest HPE6-A73 dumps can be read in a pdf file, which is available for instant download.

Try to test the HPE6-A73 free demo dumps below before downloading the HPE6-A73 dumps:

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1. A company has an existing wireless solution involving Aruba APs and Mobility controllers running 8.4 code.

The solution leverages a third-party AAA solution. The company is replacing existing access switches with AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The company wants to leverage the same security and firewall policies for both wired and wireless traffic.

Which solution should the company implement?

2. Examine the network exhibit:

The ACL configuration defined on Core-1 is as follows:

If telnet was being used, which device connection would be permitted and functional in both directions?

(Choose two.)

3. A network administrator wants to centralize the management of AOS-CX switches by implementing NetEdit.

How should the administrator purchase and/or install the NetEdit solution?

4. A network administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a connectivity issue between a group of users and a particular server. The administrator needs to examine the packets over a period of time from their desktop; however, the administrator is not directly connected to the AOS-CX switch involved with the traffic flow.

What is correct regarding the ERSPAN session that needs to be established on an AOS-CX switch? (Choose two.)

5. Examine the network exhibit.

A company has a guest implementation for wireless and wired access. Wireless access is implemented

through a third-party vendor. The company is concerned about wired guest traffic traversing the same network as the employee traffic. The network administrator has established a GRE tunnel between AOS-CX switches where guests are connected to a routing switch in the DMZ.

Which feature should the administrator implement to ensure that the guest traffic is tunneled to the DMZ while the employee traffic is forwarded using OSPF?

6. A network engineer is using NetEdit to manage AOS-CX switches. The engineer notices that a lot of thirdparty VoIP phones are showing up in the NetEdit topology. The engineer deletes these, but they are

automatically rediscovered by NetEdit and added back in.

What should the administrator do to solve this problem?

7. What is correct regarding multicasting and AOS-CX switches?

8. An administrator is concerned about the security of the control plane connection between an AOS-CX switch and an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) when implementing user-based tunneling.

How should the administrator protect this traffic?

9. An administrator is replacing the current access switches with AOS-CX switches. The access layer switches must authenticate user and networking devices connecting to them. Some devices support no form of authentication, and some support 802.1X. Some ports have a VoIP phone and a PC connected to the same port, where the PC is connected to the data port of the phone and the phone’s LAN port is connected to the switch.

Which statement is correct about this situation?

10. What is correct regarding rate limiting and egress queue shaping on AOS-CX switches?


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