Aruba Certified Switching Expert Official Certification HPE6-A69 Dumps Online [2022]

Aruba Certified Switching Expert Official Certification HPE6-A69 Dumps Online [2022]

New to Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) certification needs to pass two exams:

  • HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam
  • HPE4-A31 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Practical Exam

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1. Which MAC address is valid for use as a VSX System-MAC address?

2. An administrator is utilizing the orchestration capabilities of NetEdit.

What are the two plan types that can be created? Configuration management plan (Select two.)

3. Refer to the exhibit.

Aruba CX 6300 switch has routes in three different VRFs as per the example above. The user needs to leak routes between VRF Secure and VRF Dev. and also between VRF default and VRF Dev

The customer Is not able to establish routing between directly connected networks and

Which statement is true regarding the routing troubleshooting?

4. A customer would like to utilize some ArubaOS-CX 6300M switches to perform OSPF routing.

All ports are routed, and ECMP is enabled, with other default parameters for OSPF.

What will be the result of traffic sent from CLIENT-A to CUENT-B?

5. With the given topology, the customer Has ArubaOS-CX 6300 switches and Aruba Gateway in use.

What is required for the client traffic to be tunneled as per best practice between the connected switch port and the Aruba Gateway'' (Select two.)

6. Which statement is true regarding remote mirroring?

7. When an ArubaOS-CX switch uses the temporary copy of the coring state database, how does NetEdit validate if the configuration is correct?

8. The customer has a requirement for creating security filtering for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic passing through an ArubaOS-CX 6400 switch.

Which statement Is true about access-list on the selected switch model?

9. The customer is considering Implemented the following VSX configuration that will host an Aruba mobility cluster servicing 9000 dual stack employee devices.

The client's default gateways will be hosted on the VSX stack. The customer is seeking advice about how to ensure ArubaOS-CX VSX best practices have been applied.

What advice can you offer the customer? (Select two)

10. You are working with a customer whos has a paw of Aruba 8325 switches configured for Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation The customer is complaining that users are experiencing intermittent packet drops.

Which action should be taken to quickly aid you in identifying the cause?


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