Get HPE0-J69 Exam Dumps To Prepare For Delta – HPE Storage Solutions Exam Well

Get HPE0-J69 Exam Dumps To Prepare For Delta – HPE Storage Solutions Exam Well

HPE0-J69 Delta – HPE Storage Solutions exam mainly tests your knowledge and experience with HPE Storage platforms and products, including the ability to size, design, install, configure, optimize, upgrade, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain HPE storage solutions. If you are the one who is planning for the HPE0-J69 exam, you can get HPE0-J69 exam dumps from ITPrepare to prepare for your Delta – HPE Storage Solutions exam well. The HPE0-J69 exam dumps offered by ITPrepare are the perfect online resource for the preparation.

Additionally, you can read HPE0-J69 free exam dumps to check first:

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1. A customer has a SAN infrastructure with the HPE C-class blade Enclosure, and a mix of proliant G7,gen8 and Ge9 server .They require a new storage platform .. .

How can you confirm the storage array will be supported in the existing environment?

2. Which tool is used to provide centralized management of 3PAR and Primera arrays?

3. What is the purpose of WWN in FC SAN? (Choose two.)

4. Which tool is used to determine current compaction ratios on Primera arrays?

5. Which storage sizing tool, designed specifically for the HPE 3PAR StoreServ environment, shows the expected deduplication ratio based on actual data analysis of the customer's current environment?

6. A customer is implementing a new high performance database environment .

What type of storage should you recommend?

7. Match the HPE converged Strategy principle with its function

8. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer purchased a Primera C6S0 array to replace several older 3PAR arrays. They plan to upgrade the system as each 3PAP reaches the end of its lease. The initial sizing included 100TB effective capacity for an Oracle database environment.

The first 3PAR to come off lease has 100TB of VDI boot images that support thousands of users .

Which addition to the Primera should you recommend?





9. You want to deploy Recovery Manager Central to a customer environment .

How can you accomplish this? (Choose two.)

10. A customer has completely virtualized their datacenter with VMware. You propose a SimpliVity solution to replace their aging hardware.

Which SimpliVity features should you emphasize in your presentation? (Choose two.)


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